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posted by janrinok on Wednesday December 06 2017, @11:42PM   Printer-friendly
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There are Christmas party season hangover cures, and then there's a bacon roll infused with five shots of espresso.

Soho restaurant The Diner is catering to Londoners who over-indulge this year with the so-called "Ba-coffee Roll". It is made of a brioche bun, boosted with two shots of espresso, bacon infused with maple syrup and coffee and - to sweeten things up - a whipped honey butter laced with coffee bean essence.

[Matthew Ford, Head of Operations] said: "The challenge has been to balance the natural bitterness in the coffee, with sweeter ingredients to create something that tastes amazing. "By using a naturally sweeter brioche dough and infusing both coffee and maple syrup with the bacon we feel like we've created something so good it's practically medicinal."

[...] The roll costs £3.95 and is available from the restaurant, on Ganton Street, via Deliveroo until December 17. There will also be a ba-coffee role[sic] giveaway at Golden Square, Soho, and Tottenham Court Road station this Friday at 8am.

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  • (Score: 4, Funny) by Mykl on Thursday December 07 2017, @12:09AM (2 children)

    by Mykl (1112) on Thursday December 07 2017, @12:09AM (#606483)

    I can just see customers dropping like flies from the triple sugar, caffeine, bacon hit. At least they'll die with a smile on their face.

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  • (Score: 3, Funny) by bob_super on Thursday December 07 2017, @12:32AM

    by bob_super (1357) on Thursday December 07 2017, @12:32AM (#606492)

    There's been no human signs of life within a half-mile radius of the shop, since what is only referred to as "The Squirrels Incident".

  • (Score: 2) by krishnoid on Thursday December 07 2017, @06:00PM

    by krishnoid (1156) on Thursday December 07 2017, @06:00PM (#606899)

    I am just never going to get used to the 31st century [].