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posted by mrpg on Saturday December 16 2017, @12:48PM   Printer-friendly
from the linked-in-crime dept.

Germany says China using LinkedIn to recruit informants

The German domestic intelligence agency (BfV) says China is using fake profiles on social media to target German officials and politicians. "This is a broad-based attempt to infiltrate, in particular, parliaments, ministries and government agencies," said BfV head Hans-Georg Maassen on Sunday (10 December).

Maassen said more than 10,000 Germans have been approached by the alleged ruse from Chinese profiles posing as reputable professionals on social networking site LinkedIn.

The BfV released around half dozen fake LinkedIn profiles of young attractive Chinese professionals. Among them is Laeticia Chen who supposedly works at the China Center for International Politics and Economy. Another, Eva Han, is from the China University of Political Science and Law.

The people behind the suspected profiles attempt to link to others, asking them to contact them. The BfV says the moves are designed to possibly recruit high-ranking officials to become Chinese informants.

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  • (Score: 1) by Ethanol-fueled on Saturday December 16 2017, @01:27PM (3 children)

    by Ethanol-fueled (2792) on Saturday December 16 2017, @01:27PM (#610687) Homepage

    Leave Laeticia "Ching Chong" Chen alone!

    Actually, "academic solicitation" is taught to us in security as one of the primary methods the Chinks use to steal our secrets.

    And thanks to H1-B hiring, the Chinks are everywhere in our industries.

  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Saturday December 16 2017, @09:17PM (1 child)

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday December 16 2017, @09:17PM (#610793)

    We're all human. Do you use slurs against Chinese people because you just don't like other races? That's pretty sad. Try to focus on qualities you admire like work ethic, focus on academic success, family values, and thrift.

    • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday December 17 2017, @01:47AM

      by Anonymous Coward on Sunday December 17 2017, @01:47AM (#610826)

      Mostly, we think he does it just to get a reaction. So he got you. Which is nice.

  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday December 17 2017, @03:56PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday December 17 2017, @03:56PM (#610999)

    Uh you forgot that the H1Bs are actually already in other people's jobs.

    The fact that you suggest that some are being educated is refreshing. All the ones I know can't even follow their script and/or run-book properly without needing help.

    Too bad those cost savings that are repeatedly.. repeated... do not include metrics like what does it cost for the few remaining skilled people to help those unskilled H1Bs out.

    I expect there are a great number of super talented H1Bs and that is what the whole system was for. I've never ever seen that even once, though. I've only seen people get fired and that it took 3 to 1 or 4 to 1 headcount replacements of cheaper workers to make up for the loss of people that had a job measurable by output like that.

    The people uniquely skilled either were not replaced or when they were, the outcome was much different than the executive bonuses predicted and some damge control had to be done. Now, us managers have to explain why someone is so skilled that an H1B can't do it since all knowledge is learnable and if the special person is holding out then fire him at the first opportunity but don't let that other fiasco happen again when no one thought to think that skill can be hard to get skilled at. Who knew some jobs were hard? Not the executives.

    i am hoping upper management gets outsourced too, but look what happened at Microsoft.