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posted by janrinok on Tuesday February 13 2018, @08:35PM   Printer-friendly
from the better-living-through-patent-trolling dept.

Patent Troll Blackbird's patent is invalidated in fight with Cloudflare.

We're happy to report that earlier today, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California dismissed the case that Blackbird brought against Cloudflare. In a two-page order (copied below) Judge Vince Chhabria noted that "[a]bstract ideas are not patentable" and then held that Blackbird's attempted assertion of the patent "attempts to monopolize the abstract idea of monitoring a preexisting data stream between a server" and is invalid as a matter of law. That means that Blackbird loses no matter what the facts of the case would have been.

Before the court ever even considered Cloudflare's actions, it found that the supposed innovation reflected in Blackbird's patent was too abstract to have been protectable in the first place. This means that the case against Cloudflare could not continue, but further, that the patent is completely invalid and Blackbird cannot use it to sue ANYONE in the future.

All of this only confirms the position we've taken from the beginning with regard to the way that Blackbird and other patent trolls operate. Blackbird acquired an absurdly broad patent from an inventor that had apparently never attempted to turn that patent into a business that made products, hired people, or paid taxes. And Blackbird used that patent to harass at least three companies that are in the business of making products and contributing to the economy.

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  • (Score: 4, Funny) by Runaway1956 on Tuesday February 13 2018, @11:18PM (1 child)

    by Runaway1956 (2926) Subscriber Badge on Tuesday February 13 2018, @11:18PM (#637331) Journal

    <sarcasm> Can they even do that? I was under the impression that all patent troll cases had to be tried in east Texas!! With this sort of decision, the entire US economy is threatened! </sarcasm>

    More seriously, that dumbass judge in Marshall, Texas, should have been disbarred with his first decisions in favor of trolls.

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  • (Score: 2) by FatPhil on Friday February 16 2018, @04:12AM

    by FatPhil (863) <> on Friday February 16 2018, @04:12AM (#638651) Homepage
    But the guys were granted a patent.
    Someone in the patent office is just as culpable for this situation.

    And there should be repurcissions for the making of mistakes.
    Checks have been made, some balance correction needs to be performmed.
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