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posted by martyb on Tuesday March 20 2018, @06:14AM   Printer-friendly
from the next-best-thing-to-being-there dept.

HTC's Vive Pro virtual reality headset is now open for preorders. Resolution has been increased to 2800×1600 from 2160×1200, a microphone for noise cancellation analysis has been added, and it has two front-facing cameras instead of one, possibly allowing it to detect objects and hand movements:

The Vive Pro was announced early this year at CES, marking the first major upgrade to the Vive since its launch in 2016. It substantially increases the Vive's screen resolution, using two OLED displays that offer 1400 x 1600 pixels per eye compared to 1080 x 1200 on the current Vive. It also includes a variety of ergonomic changes, including built-in headphones and a head strap that tightens via dial instead of velcro. You could get these options via a kit for the original Vive, but now they're built into the core device, and we've found the hardware to be a distinct improvement over its predecessor.

The Vive Pro will not come with accessories at its launch price of $799, although existing Vive accessories can be used:

HTC's higher-resolution Vive Pro, first announced back in January, is setting new records for the price of a mass-market virtual reality headset. In pre-orders starting today ahead of planned April 5 shipments, customers will have to shell out $799 for the improved Vive Pro headset, a price that does not include any controllers or Lighthouse tracking base stations.

[...] HTC currently sells Vive controllers for $130 each and tracking base stations for $135 each. That means new Vive Pro customers will have to pay $1,330 for a higher-fidelity version of the same basic hardware included in the package for the original Vive (which is being reduced to $499 today, from the $599 price it has held since last April).

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  • (Score: 2) by takyon on Tuesday March 20 2018, @09:40AM (9 children)

    by takyon (881) <reversethis-{gro ... s} {ta} {noykat}> on Tuesday March 20 2018, @09:40AM (#655310) Journal

    I care to see how many people splash $800 down on another generation of tethered, low FOV, and dependent on external tracking headsets. That are still at 90 Hz and a relatively low resolution.

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  • (Score: 2) by mmh on Tuesday March 20 2018, @01:30PM

    by mmh (721) on Tuesday March 20 2018, @01:30PM (#655354)

    I'll be one of them! I love my Vive, and have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Vive Pro.

  • (Score: 2) by quacking duck on Tuesday March 20 2018, @05:19PM (3 children)

    by quacking duck (1395) on Tuesday March 20 2018, @05:19PM (#655501)

    I'm not in the market for a Vive Pro, but this comic is relevant: []

    We're still in the early days of affordable home VR, so VR will remain a niche for at least a few more years. But the future is promising. Unlike the 3D TV fad, I want VR to succeed.

  • (Score: 2) by Freeman on Tuesday March 20 2018, @06:15PM (2 children)

    by Freeman (732) on Tuesday March 20 2018, @06:15PM (#655532) Journal

    What would you suggest as an alternative that can be purchased, now? Is there anything that should be released within the next 2-3 months that would be better?

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    • (Score: 2) by takyon on Tuesday March 20 2018, @06:30PM (1 child)

      by takyon (881) <reversethis-{gro ... s} {ta} {noykat}> on Tuesday March 20 2018, @06:30PM (#655544) Journal

      Use Cardboard if you have a smartphone, $200 Oculus Go if you don't mind Facebook, or $400 Lenovo Mirage Solo. Both of those are expected to launch in May.

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      • (Score: 2) by mmh on Wednesday March 21 2018, @09:08PM

        by mmh (721) on Wednesday March 21 2018, @09:08PM (#656342)

        cell-phone based vr is a joke compared to anything powered by PC hardware. Quick list of limitations, but nowhere near complete:

        • Software is gimmicky
        • Graphics are crappy and can't provide a smooth 90FPS per-eye resulting in choppiness and for people prone to motion sickness makes the experience much more barf-tastic.
        • tracking has a noticeable "lag" and often get confused as to which way you actually moved.

        If you're judging a Vive based off of experience with Cardboard of Samsung VR, you're really doing yourself a disservice. It'd be like judging sex based off an experience with a blow-up sex doll.

  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday March 21 2018, @10:17PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday March 21 2018, @10:17PM (#656364)

    I'm still waiting for a VR headset more akin to the one in Johnny Mnemonic, where he can take a random collection of crap off the store shelves and put together a complete VR hacking system in under 10 minutes.

    Where are the VR headsets for those of us who want to recreate THAT?

    Also, more linux support please.