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posted by mrpg on Wednesday June 13, @06:00AM   Printer-friendly
from the 600GB-of-txt-files-is-massive dept.

Nation-state attackers affiliated with the Chinese government have made off with a trove of undersea military secrets, according to a report.

Hackers were able to mount a lateral attack after compromising the networks of a Navy contractor working for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Rhode Island, according to a Washington Post report, citing American officials.

The result? “Massive amounts of highly sensitive data” flowed into the hands of China, unnamed officials told the paper, including “secret plans to develop a supersonic anti-ship missile for use on U.S. submarines by 2020.”

The incident happened January and February, the sources said, and resulted in 614 gigabytes of data, most of it highly sensitive info related to American offensive and defensive systems, including cryptography systems for secure communication, signals and sensor data, and the Navy’s electronic submarine warfare library, which contains information about adversary radar platforms.

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Reply to: Re:i unplugged an ATM once

    (Score: 3, Interesting) by ledow on Wednesday June 13, @08:45PM

    by ledow (5567) on Wednesday June 13, @08:45PM (#692519) Homepage

    I have an air-conditioned office and server rooms.

    Every winter, everyone comes and hides in my office "because it's lovely and warm".
    Every summer, everyone comes and hides in my office "because it's lovely and cool".

    The temperature literally hasn't deviated 1 degree in four years (except once in a power-cut that set off alarms for doing so).

    Temperature is so subjective that placebo vastly outweighs it. Pretty much why I steer clear of all those Internet-controlled thermostats, smart-meters, etc. Put it on a temp, leave it there. If you feel cold, it's because YOU feel cold. After a while of knowing that the external temperature doesn't affect your body temperature very much at all, your logic begins to outweigh it and you stop noticing.

    Water temperatures, mixer taps, shower controls, all kinds of things are just knobs to fiddle with to make you feel like you're making a difference. I set my oven to 200 degrees recently and just leave it there. I turn it on and off but I never change the temperature, it just doesn't make any difference once it's up to temperature for 99.9% of things people cook. And the oven won't cool even 10 degrees quickly enough before you think it needs to be fiddled with again. Toasters controls are usually really "timers", and inaccurate ones at that (usually the timer is set right if it's working "from cold" but the second piece of toast for the same time will come out more cooked). Battery indicators (nearest 10% at best). Signal strength (no single established standard for what "four-bars" might represent). Volume controls (anyone else here just whack all mixing channels to max, and then set main volume to a reasonable level and then leave it there forever?).

    All kinds of stuff is just a placebo control.

    To be honest, any kind of alarm is the same. Nobody but you cares about your burglar alarm going off. Literally, nobody's going to come and look, chase off the robbers for you, or even call the police. The ones that try can usually be fooled by "Oh, I'm just feeding the cat for John and it's all gone off..." and similar excuses. Nobody cares in a city about a car alarm going off. If anything, we're all just praying for it to shut the hell up and stop going off repeatedly. Criminals don't care about being on CCTV either. They will just wear a hoodie, pull it over their face, and your chances of ever identifying them are near-zero unless they're terminally stupid. You have cameras to SEE WHAT HAPPENED. Or you have an alert system to ALERT SOMEONE WHO CARES. i.e. you. On your smartphone. Checking the camera. Seeing the strange guy doing things he shouldn't be. Dealing with your own false alarms (no better way to cure false alarms than to make yourself disturbed every time it happens). Informing the police yourself, or going to intervene if you're brave / stupid.

    And then your neighbours might stand a chance of NOT experiencing fatigue at the constant false-alarms and it'll be so unusual that they'll look and see what's happening. But to be honest, I hear an alarm go off every single night. Police won't even attend "just an alarm" in my area, not even for noise abatement. The days of "the alarm informed the police" are also long-gone. At best you hire an intermediate agency paid to care about your alarms who might visit the property, check the cameras, and inform police if a crime is in progress. Every time I've provided footage to the police it's been useless, even when they suspect they know who it was. I've seen someone kick through a door with full 5-lever locks and bolts and all necessary insurance security measures, in seconds, without anyone questioning it. We've all seen the videos of how long it takes a thief to get into a modern car.

    Lots of modern equipment is nothing more than placebo to make you feel better / safer. It does very little in practice at all. It just makes you feel good to have it.

    Though that slight placebo effect might hinder an amateur criminal, anyone who has burgled/stolen/attacked etc. before won't be at all dissuaded by it, they will just defeat it or ignore it.

    I can't think of a single restaurant I've ever been in that would offer any suggestion to someone "feeling hot" than for them to move table or order a cold drink. Pandering to such placebo doesn't really solve anything.

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