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posted by martyb on Friday July 13 2018, @12:58PM   Printer-friendly
from the pass-it-on dept.

On a python developers' mailing list for the core developers, Python Committers, Benevolent Dictator for Life Guido van Rossum has announced that he is stepping down effective immediately and with out appointing a successor.

Now that PEP 572 is done, I don't ever want to have to fight so hard for a
PEP and find that so many people despise my decisions.

I would like to remove myself entirely from the decision process. I'll
still be there for a while as an ordinary core dev, and I'll still be
available to mentor people -- possibly more available. But I'm basically
giving myself a permanent vacation from being BDFL, and you all will be on
your own.

After all that's eventually going to happen regardless -- there's still
that bus lurking around the corner, and I'm not getting younger... (I'll
spare you the list of medical issues.)

I am not going to appoint a successor.

[...] I'll still be here, but I'm trying to let you all figure something out for
yourselves. I'm tired, and need a very long break.

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  • (Score: 3, Touché) by DeathMonkey on Friday July 13 2018, @05:30PM (2 children)

    by DeathMonkey (1380) on Friday July 13 2018, @05:30PM (#706703) Journal

    All he did was create an easy to use programming language and give it away to the world completely for free.

    Fuck him, right!

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Friday July 13 2018, @07:55PM (1 child)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday July 13 2018, @07:55PM (#706761)

    Here, I'll give you my refrigerator for free. Fuck me, right?

    • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Friday July 13 2018, @08:13PM

      by Anonymous Coward on Friday July 13 2018, @08:13PM (#706765)

      Trying to offload that death trap? Yeah, fuck you!