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posted by NCommander on Friday July 04 2014, @11:22PM   Printer-friendly
from the about-fricking-time dept.
As a general rule, I don't post site news on weekends or holidays, but I'm making an exception due to the unique circumstances. I'm pleased to announce that as of today, our articles of incorporation have been accepted and signed off by the State of Delaware, and "SoylentNews PBC" is a licensed public benefit corporation, ready to accept business, effective today.

I feel that its fitting to post this today on July 4th, Independence Day, given the mission and unique history of SN. I'm going to do a follow-up post on Monday with more information on where we go now. Until then, have an awesome Independence Day, and a great weekend :-)
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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Saturday July 05 2014, @09:02AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Saturday July 05 2014, @09:02AM (#64473)

    Does that mean we can start giving you oodles of money now?

  • (Score: 2) by Open4D on Saturday July 05 2014, @12:18PM

    by Open4D (371) on Saturday July 05 2014, @12:18PM (#64504) Journal

    Well, I presume subscriptions will be coming along pretty soon. I see that when I click on someone's user page, near the bottom it now says "Subscribers can view entire comment history for all users" - which was a feature promised 9 days ago in the Back To The Drawing Board: Rethinking Subscription + Explaing Expenses [] story.

    The matter of donations as such is also covered there. It may be that the closest possible option is letting you "buy" something that you may or may not particularly want, and that has a high profit margin for SoylentNews PBC. In the comments there, a few people suggested ideas, like promoted messages or using (a less time-limited version of Indiegogo) or virtual badges.

    • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Friday September 12 2014, @04:36PM

      by Anonymous Coward on Friday September 12 2014, @04:36PM (#92479)

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