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posted by martyb on Monday September 03 2018, @03:03PM   Printer-friendly
from the now-it's-more-micro-than-super dept.

Though this happened earlier in the week, I just now found out about it. Given how well-known the company is, I thought other Soylentils would like to know about this, too.

Supermicro® Announces Suspension of Trading of Common Stock on Nasdaq and its Intention to Appeal:

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ:SMCI) [...] today announced that, as expected, the Company received a notification letter from The Nasdaq Stock Market Hearings Panel [...] on August 22, 2018, indicating that trading in the Company's common stock on Nasdaq's Global Select Market will be suspended effective at the open of business on August 23, 2018.

The Company previously announced on August 21, 2018 that it did not expect to regain compliance with the Nasdaq continued listing requirements by August 24, 2018, the deadline previously set by the Panel.

The Panel's letter also stated that the Panel has determined to delist the Company's shares from Nasdaq after applicable appeal periods have lapsed. The Company intends to appeal the Panel's decision to the Nasdaq Listing and Hearing Review Council. During the appeal period, trading in the Company's common stock on Nasdaq will remain suspended and Nasdaq will not delist the Company's common stock pending such appeal. Once the Company has regained compliance with its SEC filing requirements, the Company intends to promptly request that Nasdaq lift the suspension in trading of its common stock or, in the event the common stock is delisted, to promptly apply to relist its common stock on Nasdaq or another national securities exchange.

While the Company's common stock is suspended from trading on Nasdaq, the Company expects that its shares will be quoted on the OTC Markets under the trading symbol SMCI.

According to Wikipedia:

Super Micro Computer, Inc (commonly referred to as Supermicro) is an American information technology company based in San Jose, California. Supermicro's headquarters are located in Silicon Valley, with global operations expanding to a manufacturing space in the Netherlands and a Science and Technology Park in Taiwan.

Founded by Charles Liang, Wally Liaw and Sara Liu on 1 November 1993, Supermicro specializes in servers, storage, blades, rack solutions, networking devices, server management software and high-end workstations for data center, cloud computing, enterprise IT, big data, high performance computing (HPC), and embedded markets.

In 2016, the company deployed thousands of servers into a single data center and was ranked the 18th fastest growing company on Fortune Magazine's Top 100 list of the world's largest US publicly traded companies in 2016 and the fastest growing IT infrastructure company.

Also at Silicon Valley Business Journal, Yahoo! Finance & The Register.

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  • (Score: 2) by opinionated_science on Monday September 03 2018, @06:47PM (2 children)

    by opinionated_science (4031) on Monday September 03 2018, @06:47PM (#729933)

    Machine: Type: Server System: Supermicro product: H8DG6/H8DGi v: 1234567890 serial: 1234567890
                          Mobo: Supermicro model: H8DG6/H8DGi v: 1.0 serial: BIOS: American Megatrends
                          v: 3.5-OCNG5. date: 12/22/2015

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  • (Score: 2) by Runaway1956 on Monday September 03 2018, @08:27PM (1 child)

    by Runaway1956 (2926) Subscriber Badge on Monday September 03 2018, @08:27PM (#729953) Homepage Journal

    I have my eye on that board. All that I have for PCI-E is one 8x slot, and one 4x slot. Your board has 3 16x slots, in addition to my slots. And, if you have populated those 16x slots with CUDA processors, then, yes, you have some major number crunching capability. Forget about the CPU's. A single GTX780-TI can run circles around both of my CPU's. A 1080 will pass a 780 like it's standing still. I still love my Opterons though.

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    • (Score: 2) by opinionated_science on Tuesday September 04 2018, @02:54AM

      by opinionated_science (4031) on Tuesday September 04 2018, @02:54AM (#730094)

      yeah, I have 2x6376 overclocked to 3Ghz, and 256G of memory. I'm not going to upgrade until I can get 1T of mem and 128 threads.

      One condition has been met.

      I just wish AMD would make AVX512 - the densest calculations are still important.