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posted by mrpg on Thursday December 06 2018, @08:41AM   Printer-friendly
from the russia-is-good-russia-is-love-russia-dont-interfere dept.

Federal Communications Chairman (FCC) Ajit Pai said it was a “fact” that there was Russian interference in the public comments ahead of its controversial net neutrality vote last year, amid sparring between another commissioner about a lawsuit the agency is in the midst of.

The admittance was made in response to a lawsuit filed by the New York Times, who requested access to records surrounding the public comments that they argued would “shed light to the extent to which Russian nationals and agents of the Russian government have interfered with the agency notice-and-comment process about a topic of extensive public interest.”

The public comments left ahead of the FCC’s net neutrality vote have been at the center of much scrutiny—with millions of fraudulent comments (including the names of dead people and current members of Congress) being used.

One recent study recently found that of the real comments, nearly 100 percent were made in favor of the FCC keeping the existing net neutrality rules.

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  • (Score: 2) by drussell on Thursday December 06 2018, @08:36PM (1 child)

    by drussell (2678) on Thursday December 06 2018, @08:36PM (#770833) Journal

    Uhhhh... The word you linked to the definition of is the correct word.

    You need to then look at the word which is incorrect in this context, admittance, its definition and proper use, perhaps also the root word, admit, and the differences surrounding the use as a transitive vs. intransitive verb, etc.

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  • (Score: 2) by DeathMonkey on Thursday December 06 2018, @08:49PM

    by DeathMonkey (1380) on Thursday December 06 2018, @08:49PM (#770840) Journal

    admittance noun
    ad·​mit·​tance | \əd-ˈmi-tᵊn(t)s, ad-\
    Definition of admittance
    1a : the act or process of admitting

    admit verb
    ad·​mit | \əd-ˈmit, ad-\
    admitted; admitting
    Definition of admit (Entry 1 of 2)
    transitive verb

    1a : to allow scope for : PERMIT
    admits no possibility of misunderstanding
    b : to concede as true or valid
    admitted making a mistake