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posted by takyon on Saturday January 19 2019, @01:19AM   Printer-friendly
from the ICUP dept.

A Swiss VM hosting provider has a technical blog post about how to kill IPv4 completely on FreeBSD. That is to say, turning it completely off, not just preferring IPv6. They then solicit concrete solutions describing, along with a proof of concept, how to turn IPv4 completely off in other operating systems and allowing them to communicate with IPv6 only.

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    by fakefuck39 (6620) on Saturday January 19 2019, @09:56PM (#788784)

    ACtually, your actual, you know, point, is you underline your text with a comment of some type. Your posts - I've never seen an actual point, hence no point needs to be countered. You replied that we shouldn't take IPv4 out of general operating systems. You're the only one talking about that in your straw man. You're arguing with yourself, not the rest of us.

    The directions were posted on how to remove v4 from operating systems, so now people like the OP can easily do so and not have stuff sitting around they don't need, worry about what it does or its security. Then comes underline idiot yelling "things will break" - well guess what - they won't, for use cases where they won't.

    Hey, you ever go on a sports car forum and complain a supra can't transport pianos? They'll love your underlines there. Here, we'll just shit in your mouth as you open wide for us.

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