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posted by janrinok on Sunday July 20 2014, @03:04AM   Printer-friendly

ScienceDaily reports that:

The phenomenon of 'boomerang employees' is not unique to professional athletes, says two recent studies. Organizations of all types are beginning to recognize and embrace the value of recruiting and welcoming back former employees. From infantry soldiers to chief executives, accountants and professional basketball players, many organizations proactively recruit and rehire former employees as a way to offset high turnover costs and hedge against the uncertain process of socializing replacement employees.

"After surveying and interviewing hundreds of employees, we were able to see that boomerang employees were more likely to originally leave an organization not because of dissatisfaction with the job, but because of some personal shock, such as a pregnancy, spousal relocation or an unexpected job offer," Harris said. "Somewhat unexpectedly, we also found that boomerang employees, compared to non-boomerang employees, typically had shorter original tenures with the focal organizations.

"The research found that re-employment performance was significantly predicted by the harmony of the original tenure, and their success during the time spent away from the focal organization and conditions of the return.

"Our latest research suggests that organizations should realize that not all boomerangs are created equal," Harris said. "When evaluating potential boomerang hires, organizations should first, and most obviously, consider their previous performance histories at the focal organization and at their most recent employer.

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    by Anonymous Coward on Monday July 21 2014, @03:15AM (#71696)

    completely devaluing the actually very important asset of institutional knowledge and persistence
    My company is gearing up to do this. They are closing down 3 locations and having everyone move across the country. I estimate of the employees in the group they will lose 40% - 60% the majority in 2 locations. There is a reason I live in a small town. I get paid the same as my co-workers in a much larger city and have a lower cost of living. If you are going to make me move I probably will move somewhere I want to live. Not to the randomly chosen location you picked. Where houses cost 4x what I have now and renting an apartment is 2x-3x higher than what I was paying for a mortgage payment.