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posted by LaminatorX on Thursday February 27 2014, @12:29AM   Printer-friendly
from the This-sounds-like-a-job-for-Florida-Man dept.

Xerxes writes:

"A Florida woman who has been living off the grid has had her home declared 'Unsanitary' and has until March to connect her off-the-grid home to the city water system, or face eviction."

[ED Note: Ordinances such as this are not uncommon. My own father once had a property condemned on this basis while he was in the midst of a billing dispute with a utility.]

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  • (Score: 2, Insightful) by CowboyTeal on Thursday February 27 2014, @09:49AM

    by CowboyTeal (15) on Thursday February 27 2014, @09:49AM (#7872)

    The Amish might be getting paranoid by now and if they're not they should be. Every day rights are being taken away from the citizens of the US and people allow it to happen. One day it's an obviously needed regulation like don't dump random chemicals in your sink but then you have the little ones that eventually tally up to the end of freedom. I'd love to live off the grid one day, surely not in Florida but someplace a little more tame, but each state is getting worse as the years go by. But living off the grid doesn't mean you have to fertilize your own yard with your poop, and pee in a bucket without water. Actually you can still live the same way while being off the grid, except you won't have internet if you choose to not have it (I certainly would). But some people certainly take "living off the grid" to a whole different level by not even having any form of electricity and that to me is ridiculous but I would gladly defend their right to do it.

    You don't just win votes on totalitarianism or communism or whateverelseism in office. You win them by gradually changing the system and right now things like "living off the grid" being illegal in Florida is a step. Another step is that you can't do what you want to your house/yard whenever you please, meaning your neighbors own your property, so you can't raise crops. Another step is that you get taxed for collecting rain water. Notice how these steps progressively gets the whole system worse? You don't have to be a gun-touting redneck to know the difference between the freedom of America and Imperialistic ideologies forced down our throats which millions fought against.

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