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posted by janrinok on Friday February 28 2014, @10:30PM   Printer-friendly
from the It's-not-illegal-if-governments-do-it dept.

AnonTechie writes:

"A surprising number of governments are now deploying their own custom malware and the end result could be chaos for the rest of us, F-Secure's malware chief Mikko Hypponen told the TrustyCon ( ) conference in San Francisco on Thursday.

'Governments writing viruses: today we sort of take that for granted but 10 years ago that would have been science fiction,' he told the public conference. 'If someone had come to me ten years ago and told me that by 2014 it will be commonplace for democratic Western governments to write viruses and actively deploy them against other governments, even friendly governments, I would have thought it was a movie plot. But that's exactly where we are today.' -mikko-hypponen-kicks-off-conference-on-trust/arti cle/336089/"

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  • (Score: 5, Funny) by mrbluze on Friday February 28 2014, @10:42PM

    by mrbluze (49) on Friday February 28 2014, @10:42PM (#8853) Journal

    No, they just hire a guy to grow a beard around his neck and make code commits that someone else writes for him, get him to a position of power, and then put malware into the kernel.

    Do it yourself, 'cause no one else will do it yourself.
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  • (Score: 5, Funny) by mrider on Friday February 28 2014, @10:48PM

    by mrider (3252) on Friday February 28 2014, @10:48PM (#8859)

    And then wait three years until that code makes it onto my box (running Debian stable). :)


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