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posted by girlwhowaspluggedout on Saturday March 01 2014, @09:30AM   Printer-friendly
from the i'd-like-to-thank-the-academy-and-meryl-streep dept.

tonya servo writes:

"Season two of the Saturn Award nominated Hannibal, which is based on characters from the novel Red Dragon, debuts tonight (NBC 10 pm EST). The brain child of the delightfully quirky and morbid Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me), Hannibal is nominated in the Best Network TV Series and Best Actor (Mads Mikkelsen) categories. A guest turn on Hannibal as Bella Crawford (starring opposite real-life husband Laurence Fishburne) earns Gina Torres (Firefly) her first Saturn nomination.

The Saturn Awards are presented by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, and they reward the best in both film and television in those genres. A quick scan down the list of nominees for the 40th annual awards shows how varied the field is. Blockbusters like Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug are on the list, but so is the Siri-seduction film Her and the historical drama The Book Thief."

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    by MichaelDavidCrawford (2339) Subscriber Badge <> on Saturday March 01 2014, @09:49AM (#9038) Homepage Journal

    this year is a crucial midterm (or congressional) election in the US. The Republicans are going to try to throw out Obamacare, the Democrats want to keep it.

    I read in the Vancouver Washington paper The Columbian the other day, that we'll be seeing individually-targeted television ads. That is, if you regularly watch TV, you're going to get a TV ad just for you.

    I'll take a wild guess and speculate that many Science Fiction fans are Libertarian. Robert Heinlein swang that way.

    So the Republicans are going to want you to vote Republican instead of Libertarian, and the Democrats are going to want you to vote Libertarian.

    To determine whether this is happening to you, agree with a friend to watch the same stuff at the same time on the same day. Write down what political commercials you see, then compare notes afterwards.

    I was puzzled as to how this works, but then I realized my mom rents her DVRs from Comcast, she does not own her own. I have no doubt that Comcast can do remote firmware installs.

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    by quitte (306) on Saturday March 01 2014, @10:03AM (#9043) Journal