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posted by martyb on Sunday May 17 2020, @06:41PM   Printer-friendly
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'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' Turns 120:

Playwright, chicken farmer and children's book author L. Frank Baum published "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" 120 years ago Sunday. The book would sell out its first run of 10,000 copies in eight months and go on to sell a total of 3 million copies before it fell into the public domain in 1956.

Baum would try his hand at other children's books but returned to his Oz characters time and time again, adapting them for a stage production in 1902 that ran for a while on Broadway and toured the country. Baum would write a total of 14 Oz novels, but his biggest success – a 1939 movie version – would come long after his death.

Baum's intent was to create a fairy tale along the lines of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson. Baum also admired the character of Alice in Lewis Carroll's work and chose a similar young girl to be his fictional hero.

[...] A portion of the success of the book has been attributed to Baum's illustrator, W.W. Denslow, who he worked with closely on the project. Denslow, in fact, was given partial ownership of the copyright of the book. This caused problems later when Denslow and Baum had a falling out while working on the 1902 stage adaptation.

The most popular adaptation of Baum's first Oz book was the 1939 movie starring Judy Garland.

Wikipedia has many more details on the story and the film.

[Aside: I had heard only the land of Oz was filmed in Technicolor because it was so much more costly than black and white. I've been unable to corroborate. Are there any Soylentils here who can confirm or deny it? --Ed.]

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    by Anonymous Coward on Monday May 18 2020, @12:13AM (#995524)

    Gender essentialist challenge mode

    The anti-bullshit heuristics are screaming at me not to continue but..........

    "Ozma" really a woman, or does Tip fantasize quietly and coldly behind a cup of tea about raping Dorothy and her little dog too?

    Man, for some people trannies are just literally everywhere. Just waiting, quietly sipping tea, ready so to spring out at any moment and rape you! You, and you're little dog too! That's what they do you know, wait quietly, in their fantastic disguises, barely holding back the urge to frantically sodomize every small girl and dog within reach. I'm sold. We can't let these people in public. I want to enjoy some cherry pie with my little wiener dog out in public without the fear of a retard-strong 6'1" trannie bending me over for a dry dock. Just not American!

    Sorry. I gotcha. The butthole must be protected. The struggle is real.

    Sociology round: Any evidence of moral outrage in 1904 when The Marvelous Land of Oz was published?

    That's like asking if there was any moral outrage to SpongeBob Squarepants : Adventures in Bikini Bottom. Having seen quite a few episodes, I would need to be told to look for the moral outrage somewhere. Probably in the nether regions of YouTube's batshit crazy bazaar of channels catering to any particular outrage one might need to masturbate to completion.

    It is not difficult to imagine that publishing a children's story like that in 2020 would make the alt-right and their fellow-travelers go ballistic.

    Oh, but it is. What are the fellow-travelers of the alt-right in the first place, and umm, yeah, what does that have to do with Oz again? It's a silly story of a girl with a dog that fights a witch. While I might not be able to imagine it, I'm well are of the phenomenon of apophenia. Which in this case is slightly modified to refer to that which an alt-right (or fellow-traveler) can hallucinate as reality, while having their heads up their own asses.

    If there was no outrage in 1904, how do we explain this?

    Quantifiable ways, through detailed analysis of your medications and dosages.

  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Monday May 18 2020, @03:28PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday May 18 2020, @03:28PM (#995852)