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posted by Fnord666 on Friday September 04 2020, @02:49AM   Printer-friendly
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Facebook halts Oculus Quest sales in Germany amid privacy concerns:

Facebook subsidiary Oculus says it has "temporarily paused" sales of Oculus Quest headsets to customers in Germany. Reports suggest the move is in response to concerns from German regulators about the recently announced requirement that all Oculus users will need to use a Facebook account by 2023 to log in to the device.

[...] Facebook declined an opportunity to provide additional comment to Ars Technica. But in a statement to German News site Heise Online (machine translation), the company said the move was due to "outstanding talks with German supervisory authorities... We were not obliged to take this measure, but proactively interrupted the sale."

Facebook has Begun Ghosting the "Oculus" Moniker in its VR Division
Oculus to Begin Requiring Facebook Accounts to Use VR Headsets

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  • (Score: 2) by acid andy on Friday September 04 2020, @01:50PM

    by acid andy (1683) on Friday September 04 2020, @01:50PM (#1046303) Homepage Journal

    The more headlines there are like this, hopefully the greater the awareness of the privacy implications (and ideally less cultural acceptance of them). Still, how many people would even see this headline outside of Nerdland, except possibly in Germany? I bet there's a pretty significant proportion of the population now that get all their news via Farcebook--would this news even show up on there?

    Also, when are we going to start to see similar headlines about Farcebook's other products like WhatsApp or Instagram?

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