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posted by requerdanos on Wednesday January 27 2021, @12:30AM   Printer-friendly

Mozilla Announces "Open Web Docs" Following Last Year's Layoffs

Last year during the big round of layoffs at Mozilla the entire Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) writers team was laid off. That was a particularly sad blow considering how valuable the MDN documentation has been to web developers as a very useful resource. Today the Mozilla folks are announced Open Web Docs in seemingly looking to have the community take over.

Following those unfortunate layoffs last summer, they exposed all of the Mozilla Developer Network documentation to GitHub. Now they are announcing the Open Web Docs organization.

"Open Web Docs (OWD) is an open collective, created in collaboration between several key MDN partner organizations to ensure the long-term health of open web platform documentation on de facto standard resources like MDN Web Docs, independently of any single vendor or organization. It will do this by collecting funding to finance writing staff and helping manage the communities and processes that will deliver on present and future documentation needs," was written on the Mozilla Hacks blog.

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  • (Score: 2, Insightful) by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday January 27 2021, @06:48AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday January 27 2021, @06:48AM (#1105373)

    ..MBAs might not be the brightest but they know which geese are laying the golden eggs. The MBAs take credit for those golden eggs, and when those golden eggs go away, upper-management notices*.

    Up to a point.

    The problem is, MBAs, like all management types, who fuck up at company X have absolutely no problems at all getting work at companies Y,Z,A,B....etc. and the cunts know it. In fact, it has been known for companies who, when they do wake up and realise the MBA turd they hired has cost them a fortune and is screwing up their business, make the appropriate noises to said turd about time to seek future challenges with a promise to write them a glowing reference just so they can get rid of them a little bit faster.

    Engineers, programmers and other 'grunts' who're let go as part of the MBA's streamlining/whatever? slightly different's usually better for your future career prospects for you to jump ship when one of these turds starts exploiting you than to wait for you to be 'reorganised' out of your job either when you've done all the work so they can take sole credit for it, or as part of the blame game when it all goes horribly wrong. If you leave early enough into what you perceive to be a potentially 'hostile' regime implemented by one of these turds you have a better chance of obtaining a good reference as you can't be blamed for 'being inept' or 'sabotaging the project' etc. That shit happens later when it all starts going tits up and scapegoats are required.

    There's only one thing worse than a useless turd with a MBA, and that's a useless turd with a MBA who got the job through nepotism. If you've the misfortune to work in a place where that happens, seek alternate employment immediately, don't wait hoping that the inevitable won't happen, it will happen, and it will cost you....

    Bitter experience?, me?, what makes you think that?

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