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posted by LaminatorX on Sunday November 02 2014, @04:47AM   Printer-friendly
from the ontology-fail dept.

In a short interview with the San Jose Mercury News, Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, touts the W3C's HTML 5 standard, which was finally published last week after eight years of work. Sir Berners-Lee sees HTML 5 as advancing the Web as the central platform for delivering Internet content and applications, to mobile devices as well as PC users.

Q. How do you use the Web? Are there any sites or services that you use regularly?

A. We do all our work at the W3C on the Web — everything. We have a mantra: If it's not on the Web, it doesn't exist. When discussing things in a meeting, everything we do, the minutes of the meetings, it's always on the Web.

Some other quick takes on HTML 5 are here.

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  • (Score: 2) by Lagg on Monday November 03 2014, @01:19AM

    by Lagg (105) on Monday November 03 2014, @01:19AM (#112518) Homepage Journal

    I'm really getting tired of him as of late. He may have had a huge part but he is not as deserving of respect as people think he is (I would think this would be obvious from the crap bloating out HTML5 including the stuff to accommodate DRM), especially since the web as it exists now had nothing to do with him. In fact if he had his way it'd be an insecure mess. He also doesn't really understand how computers work and says such stupid things as

    Now every web page can be programmed like a computer. That is a huge change, and we can only imagine what will be deployed in the future on top of the Open Web Platform.

    Not only is the first sentence outright false, but he has this weird fetish for buzzwords that in reality don't mean anything. I wish people would stop taking anything he says seriously. He shouldn't have even been allowed to partake in the HTML5 drafting.

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