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posted by n1 on Friday November 07 2014, @10:39PM   Printer-friendly
from the making-employees-happy dept.

Quentin Hardy reports at the NYT that a leading maker of cloud-based software for running corporate human resources and financial operations has announced new products that provide the kind of data analysis that Netflix uses to recommend movies, LinkedIn has to suggest people you might know, or Facebook needs to put a likely ad in front of you. One version of the software, called Insight Applications, predicts which high-performing employees are likely to leave a company in the next year; it then offers possible actions (more money, new job) that might make them stay. "We’re surprised how accurately we can predict someone will leave a job," says Mohammad Sabah, director of data science at Workday. The goal is to predict future business outcomes to take advantage of opportunities and cut risk levels. One future product may be the ability to predict who will and won’t make their sales quotas, and suggest who should be hired to improve the outcome. "Making an employee happy, improving the efficiency of a company these are hard problems that affect corporations."

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  • (Score: 2) by el_oscuro on Saturday November 08 2014, @12:38AM

    by el_oscuro (1711) on Saturday November 08 2014, @12:38AM (#113962)

    I guess that is true - even though everyone knew I was leaving because our contracted ended. So everyone was interviewing. In the meantime the new company botched the transition and there was a major outage. While troubleshooting the outage and conducting phone interviews, I went to a routine scheduled checkup and complained about some gum bleeding. They found 2 infected teeth that required root canals and send me to a specialist. While I was going through the first root canal the new hardware for the system failed again, resulting in another major outage.

    Anyway, I had about 6 dental appointments and one actual (non phone) interview. I still have to get the final crown on the 2nd root canal.

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  • (Score: 1) by Buck Feta on Saturday November 08 2014, @01:29AM

    by Buck Feta (958) on Saturday November 08 2014, @01:29AM (#113964) Journal

    Yikes! That doesn't sound as much fun as interviewing.

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  • (Score: 2) by mcgrew on Saturday November 08 2014, @03:26PM

    by mcgrew (701) <> on Saturday November 08 2014, @03:26PM (#114046) Homepage Journal

    Indeed. They knew I was planning to retire because I told them a year earlier. But I had no dental or doctor appointments at all last year, but had oral surgery thus September. I had six visits to the dentist and three to the surgeon's office.

    I'm damned glad I waited, I was practically worthless the first painful week after surgery.