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posted by janrinok on Wednesday November 19 2014, @11:25AM   Printer-friendly
from the I-hope-we-don't-regret-this dept.

Ian Jackson's general resolution to prevent init system coupling has failed to pass, the majority vote deciding that the resolution is unnecessary. This means that not only will Debian's default init be systemd, but packages will not be required to support other init systems. Presumably, this means that using other init systems on Debian (without using systemd as a base) will not be possible without major workarounds, or possibly at all. It also leaves the future of Debian projects such as kFreeBSD unclear, as systemd is linux specific.

The vote results can be found here

The winners are:

Option 4 "General Resolution is not required"

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  • (Score: 1) by EmeraldBot on Wednesday November 19 2014, @10:38PM

    by EmeraldBot (2917) on Wednesday November 19 2014, @10:38PM (#117879)

    I noticed that some of systemd's alleged cancerous qualities comes from what appears to me to be social engineering takeovers of various critical components like D-Bus and udev which were then transformed by systemd developers into having dependencies on systemd. Is this accurate?

    It breaks my heart to say this, but yes, systemd is an entirely political project, and its developers are more akin to politicians than programmers.

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