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  • (Score: 2) by RS3 on Saturday October 14 2023, @01:28AM

    by RS3 (6367) on Saturday October 14 2023, @01:28AM (#1328780)

    Ah, thank you. I was fairly young in the 1970s, but had a friend who was a couple of years older who had a login to a large city's school system's main computer- CDC 7600. Yes, acoustical coupler. He taught me some BASIC, and there were a couple of games, and that's all I remember of that. I didn't remember the name of the OS, or whatever friend did to log in. Could the login have been a BASIC interpreter shell? It seems like it was, but again, it was so so long ago, and I was mostly looking over his shoulder.

    I still have my first computer, if you can call it that, a KIM-1 [].

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