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posted by mattie_p on Monday March 10 2014, @07:47PM   Printer-friendly
from the always-backup-your-website dept.

Update: The staff is in conversation with the buyer right now. More to follow, but at this point it looks to be a benevolent benefactor from the community. More to follow as we get it.

SoylentNews community:

As you know, there is not a lot of information available right now. Barrabas reports that he has sold the and associated domain names, and successfully transferred them, but neither the buyer's name nor the terms of that sale have been disclosed. As spokesperson for the staff of the site during this time, we would like everyone to know the following:

Our current backup plan is to revert to the where the site is actually hosted. If we need to go there for any reason, we will try to notify the site in advance. If it has to go down or we are forced down, we'll be there. We will rebuild the database with some downtime and work from there.

We will send out a mass email to all users from the database informing them of this step should we need to do so.

We do not plan to implement this yet. We (the staff) did not advocate the buyout, but will try and work with the buyer if possible. We do not know the terms on which the domain name was sold.

We the staff will still operate the site, in its current condition on linode, until the community can vote on a new name. Depending on the buyer, we hope we can consider keeping the name the same as an option.

Until we know more information, we would like everyone to remain calm, collected, and civil, while we sort through these issues. Thank you


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  • (Score: 3, Informative) by bd on Tuesday March 11 2014, @09:33AM

    by bd (2773) on Tuesday March 11 2014, @09:33AM (#14555)

    Based on what I've seen in the last couple of days you folks on "staff" are probably heading a for a world of self-inflicted pain.

    I thought the same thing. But then I actually skimmed over the "dirty laundry" that was published and I was quite astonished. Really.

    While Barrabas claimed afterward that he was forced out, basically the team just told him that a 12 people organization would _not_ like to have 6 managers (duh), and would like to be able to _communicate_ with the project leader. At all.

    The project leader basically took the two launch weeks off and wondered why people were pissed. And self-aggrandizing and condescending statements by the "boss" are misplaced, at best, when the "boss" does not do his share of work. During the launch weeks, Barrabas was supposed to write a manifesto to lay out the vision for the site, as well as do the initial steps to incorporate SN. He did not achieve any of this because he claimed to be burned out due to the excessive amount of work he was supposedly doing for the site. After *two weeks*. And without being involved in the technical side of bringing up a slash-based site, or on the editorial side, as far as I can tell. A majority of the rest of the team discovered that the way decisions were made did not work, and asked the project lead to fix it. Barrabas wanted any decision delayed by a few weeks.

    This was not a revolt. The organizational structure did not work, and they frankly told Barrabas that they wanted it fixed. They wanted concrete, grave and immediate problems with the way they had to work to be fixed, in order to be able to do volunteer work. As a result, Barrabas resigned "against his will".

    I am happy to say that I have never had to endure _such_ a dud in a project lead position.

    I think it was wrong to wash the dirty laundry like this. On the other hand I don't know if I would have had the integrity to write a nice follow-up post after such an experience.

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