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posted by hubie on Friday February 23, @01:43AM   Printer-friendly
from the they-put-the-eye-in-OpenAI dept.

In a new report, Microsoft says Russia, China, Iran and North Korea have all used AI to improve their abilities:

Russia, China and other U.S. adversaries are using the newest wave of artificial intelligence tools to improve their hacking abilities and find new targets for online espionage, according to a report Wednesday from Microsoft and its close business partner OpenAI.

While computer users of all stripes have been experimenting with large language models to help with programming tasks, translate phishing emails and assemble attack plans, the new report is the first to associate top-tier government hacking teams with specific uses of LLM. It's also the first report on countermeasures and comes amid a continuing debate about the risks of the rapidly developing technology and efforts by many countries to put some limits on its use.

The document attributes various uses of AI to two Chinese government-affiliated hacking groups and to one group from each of Russia, Iran and North Korea, comprising the four countries of foremost concern to Western cyber defenders.

[...] Microsoft said it had cut off the groups' access to tools based on OpenAI's ChatGPT. It said it would notify the makers of other tools it saw being used and continue to share which groups were using which techniques.

Originally spotted on Schneier on Security, who comments:

The only way Microsoft or OpenAI would know this would be to spy on chatbot sessions. I'm sure the terms of service—if I bothered to read them—gives them that permission. And of course it's no surprise that Microsoft and OpenAI (and, presumably, everyone else) are spying on our usage of AI, but this confirms it.

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