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posted by LaminatorX on Tuesday April 14 2015, @11:38AM   Printer-friendly
from the actually-taken-over-by-Cybermen dept.

The UK is opposing international efforts to ban "lethal autonomous weapons systems" (Laws) at a week-long United Nations session in Geneva:

The meeting, chaired by a German diplomat, Michael Biontino, has also been asked to discuss questions such as: in what situations are distinctively human traits, such as fear, hate, sense of honour and dignity, compassion and love desirable in combat?, and in what situations do machines lacking emotions offer distinct advantages over human combatants?

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, an alliance of human rights groups and concerned scientists, is calling for an international prohibition on fully autonomous weapons.

Last week Human Rights Watch released a report urging the creation of a new protocol specifically aimed at outlawing Laws. Blinding laser weapons were pre-emptively outlawed in 1995 and combatant nations since 2008 have been required to remove unexploded cluster bombs.

[...] The Foreign Office told the Guardian: "At present, we do not see the need for a prohibition on the use of Laws, as international humanitarian law already provides sufficient regulation for this area. The United Kingdom is not developing lethal autonomous weapons systems, and the operation of weapons systems by the UK armed forces will always be under human oversight and control. As an indication of our commitment to this, we are focusing development efforts on remotely piloted systems rather than highly automated systems."

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 14 2015, @08:51PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 14 2015, @08:51PM (#170542)

    About time everyone dusted off their A.I and robotics skills in order to protect themselves from the inevitable. Its only a matter of time before SHTF. They are already building these things, so wake up people. Defend yourselves from your masters. Educate yourselves before it becomes a crime to own a book about A.I and robotics. These people want absolute control over everyone and everything. Educate yourselves, build something they will be afraid of (like in the software world, it was GNU/Linux, BSD etc).

    I am already thinking of my own anti-killer machines that are able to find and destroy any killer robots. Perhaps a small armoured tank that can sneek up close to the killer bot and neutralize it.

    The present world dynamics will not work. Do something so we all can finally be free.