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posted by janrinok on Tuesday March 18 2014, @09:51PM   Printer-friendly
from the not-everyone-will-be-happy dept.

elias writes:

"A very public and sometimes acrimonious dispute in the Debian ecosystem about upstart versus systemd has been settled in favour of systemd. Some go as far as to brand it a new era after the Linux civil war [Beware popups].

We also had an asksoylentnews question on what the fuzz was all about. But what can upstart contribute to systemd now the war is over, or will it simply be a technology that we remember fondly, but do not see any more in a few years time?"

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  • (Score: 4, Interesting) by wjwlsn on Wednesday March 19 2014, @05:49AM

    by wjwlsn (171) on Wednesday March 19 2014, @05:49AM (#18418) Homepage Journal

    I don't mind revisiting old news either. Hell, I read net.unix-wizards in my newsreader every day, as served by [], which plays out Usenet in real time as it was 30 years ago. (Most interesting discussions over the past few weeks during 1984 are generally about bugs, crashes, and complaints regarding 4.2BSD... also, a small religious war about the #! operator in shell scripts).

    Anyway, the point I should have been making was about the summary, not the age of the news. I would suggest that if a summary is about something that isn't exactly current (more than a week), it should include words like "revisiting", "reconsidering", "reanalyzing", etc... and it should still bring something new to the table, like a new question, implication, discovery, side-effect. That way, the followup discussion doesn't have to rehash the same old stuff that has been beaten to death elsewhere.

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