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posted by janrinok on Thursday March 20 2014, @04:27PM   Printer-friendly
from the cue-vim-emacs-war-in-5-4-3-2-1 dept.

Hell_Rok writes:

"Neovim is an effort to aggressively re-factor the Vim source code and improve on:

  • It will provide first class support for embedding.
  • It lets you extend the editor in any programming language.
  • It supports more powerful GUIs.
  • Vim plugins will work with it.

Hosted on Bounty Source it has reached $25,500 of it's goal of $10,000, although there are still 3 days to reach further stretch goals! You can view the projects current progress and even pitch in over at GitHub. As someone who has started using Vim full-time over the last 6 months I feel that this is a very good project for the longevity of Vim."

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  • (Score: 3, Interesting) by mechanicjay on Thursday March 20 2014, @08:42PM

    by mechanicjay (7) <{mechanicjay} {at} {}> on Thursday March 20 2014, @08:42PM (#19059) Homepage Journal

    Outside of a couple of minor bugs mentioned above -- I have no problem with vi/vim. It's lightweight, does what I need and is pretty much guaranteed to be on any *nix box you're on. I spend about 1/2 my day in vim and don't really see where's it lacking as a text editor.

    I suppose if you really wanted to turn vim into a full-fledged IDE, this is what you do. But why would you do that when there are already really good IDE's out there? Though in TFA, they say explicitly that this is not supposed to turn vim into an IDE. I'm confused.

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  • (Score: 1) by Anonymous Coward on Friday March 21 2014, @04:53AM

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday March 21 2014, @04:53AM (#19162)

    I really like Cream for Vim.

    from the Wikipedia page ( [] )--
    "Cream is a configuration of the Vim text editor that consists of a set of scripts which can be run within Vim to make it behave"...

    or Cream's 'home' page:

    "A modern configuration of the powerful and famous Vim, Cream is for Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and FreeBSD."

    Works great for me... probably a good variant for people who like their apps more 'GUIfied'. :)

  • (Score: 1) by omtinez on Friday March 21 2014, @07:49AM

    by omtinez (2733) on Friday March 21 2014, @07:49AM (#19179)

    Lightweight? Are we talking about the same 25MB console application that is a text editor with fancy highlighting and little more? I find humorous that Notepad++ can compete with Vim in size

    • (Score: 3, Informative) by TheRaven on Friday March 21 2014, @09:21AM

      by TheRaven (270) on Friday March 21 2014, @09:21AM (#19204) Journal
      25MB? My Vim binary is 1.9MB. The vim runtime directory is 30MB, but the big parts of that are:
      • 8.MB of localisation files (which you don't need if you only want one language) and
      • 3.8MB of spell checking dictionaries
      • 6.5MB of docs (how much documentation does Notepad++ have?)
      • 2MB of vim tutor (basically more documentation)
      • 5.3MB of syntax highlighting definitions for various languages.
      • 1.8MB of autoload scripts, including remote file I/O, compressed file I/O and some things like the PHP syntax highligting thing that switches between PHP and HTML modes on boundaries.

      The rest comes to a total of 2.6MB. If you don't want documentation, localisation, or spell checking, it's under 5MB.

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