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posted by martyb on Thursday September 03 2015, @08:34AM   Printer-friendly
from the but-is-her-dress-yellow-or-black? dept.

A Fox News anchor is suing a US toy company, Hasbro, for more than $5m (£3.3m) over a toy hamster that she says resembles her and shares her name. Harris Faulkner said the company's portrayal of her as a plastic hamster "was demeaning and insulting". She filed a legal case saying the toy resembled her traditional professional appearance, including complexion, eye shape and eye make-up design. The toy is part of the company's popular Littlest Pet Shop collection. It was first introduced in 2014, according to legal documents (pdf) obtained by entertainment news website Deadline. The legal case, which was filed at a district court in New Jersey on Monday, said Hasbro had "wilfully and wrongfully appropriated Faulkner's unique and valuable name and distinctive persona for its own financial gain". It said Mrs Faulkner, who has been a Fox News anchor for 10 years, had never given the toy manufacturer permission to use her name or likeness and in January demanded they stop using the product. But three weeks later, it said, the doll was still available on the Hasbro website.

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  • (Score: 4, Informative) by Phoenix666 on Thursday September 03 2015, @02:03PM

    by Phoenix666 (552) Subscriber Badge on Thursday September 03 2015, @02:03PM (#231739) Journal

    I looked up a list of other Littlest Pet Shop characters []. Most of them have names that could be real people. Are courts going to be flooded from lawsuits from "Otis Beasley"'s and "Kiki Russo"'s now?

    There is no resemblance between the cartoon character and the Fox News person. That's purely imagined, as purely imagined as Pink claiming the Statue of Liberty resembles her.

    It sounds to me like a person whose career ambitions exceed her perceived career reality and wants to generate a little controversy to shake things loose.

    Washington DC delenda est.
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  • (Score: 3, Funny) by skullz on Thursday September 03 2015, @02:55PM

    by skullz (2532) on Thursday September 03 2015, @02:55PM (#231779)

    That's purely imagined, as purely imagined as Pink claiming the Statue of Liberty resembles her.

    Now that Pink is sober, maybe she can sue Hasbro for Pinkie Pie, the Party Pony.