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Friends and Foes FAQ

Where can I see my friends / foes?



Can I see other people's friends and foes?

Sure. It's similar to checking your own friends or foes list ( except, replace the "/my/friends" with "/~username/friends" Same pattern for checking other users foes list.

What are fans / freaks?

When you select someone as a friend, it makes you that user's fan. To see people who have chosen you as a friend (your fans): To see other users fans replace "/my/fans" with "/~username/fans".

Freaks work similar to fans, except they are people who have chosen you as their foes. Users who have chosen you as a foe are listed in your freaks list:

How do comment modifiers work ?

Comment modifiers are an easy way to filter comments in a story. There are many comment modifier options. In the case of the Friends / Foes system, you can attach a comment modifier to a friend, foe, fan, freak, friend of friend, or foe of friend. With comment modifiers, you can increase or decrease the comment score 6 up to points.

The reason this is cool: let's say you want to be able to read all your friends comments. But, many of their comments lie at the threshold of 1, and you read at a threshold of 2. If you go to your comment preferences, you can make all of your friends comments appear at a score of 5.

What are Friends of Friends / Foes of Friends?

The Friends of Friends system is pretty self-explanatory. But, just in case you're confused, we'll go through an example: Alice added Bob as one of her friends. Bob added Carol as one of his friends. Therefore, Carol is a friend of a friend for Alice. To see your friends of friends, see

Foes of Friends works the same way as Friends of Friends. If one of your friends adds someone as their foe, their foe becomes one of your foes of friends.

How do I add users to my friends / foes list (or remove them)?

The easiest way to add a user: search for the user. Click . Add the user as your friend or foe.

You'll find those symbols on users' comments as well, and elsewhere on the site. Basically, anywhere you see the following symbol you can decide to add a user as friend or foe.

To remove a friend or foe, click on their friend/foe symbol and change them back to Neutral.

What are all of the images?

  • friend Friend
  • fan Fan
  • neutral Neutral
  • foe Foe
  • freak Freak
  • Friend of Friend Friend of Friend
  • Foe of Friend Foe of Friend