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Opensource ChaosEsque Anthology project ends due to interferance from FortNight developer

Rejected submission by Anonymous Coward at 2019-06-24 22:11:13
ChaosEsque Anthology, an opensource QuakeC project, has ended development after over seven years of continuous development. The project boasted hundreds of weapons, a spell system, and many maps, amongst other features.

The culprit is FooFlinger: a self-proclaimed successful FortNight developer who indicated that he felt the opensource project was a "pile of shit", "a collection of assets" created by a NEET pedophile who likes girls. FooFlinger noted in his 1 star review that:
>Author is a pedophile and takes pride in it. Also advertises this clump of assets on every anonymous imageboard multiple times a week.

Another reviewer from the same time period noted:
>The graphics are terrible and author is a sack of ****.

The developers will no longer be contributing to opensource and have ended the game.

>ChaosEsqueTeam 21hours ago
>FooFlinger: we have ended the project due to
>your criticisms. We will no longer contribute
>to opensource what-so-ever.

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