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APOD: 2020 September 23 - ISS Transits Mars

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APOD: 2020 September 23 - ISS Transits Mars []:

APOD: 2020 September 23 - ISS Transits Mars Astronomy Picture of the Day

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2020 September 23

ISS Transits Mars
Image Credit & Copyright: Tom Glenn []

Explanation: Yes, but have you ever seen the space station do this? If you know when and where to look [], watching the bright International Space Station [] (ISS) drift across your night sky is a fascinating sight [] -- but not very unusual. Images of the ISS crossing in front of the half-degree Moon [] or Sun [] do exist, but are somewhat rare as they take planning, timing, and patience to acquire. Catching the ISS crossing in front of minuscule Mars [], though, is on another level. Using online software [], the featured photographer learned that the unusual transit would be visible only momentarily along a very narrow stretch of nearby land spanning just 90 meters. Within this stretch, the equivalent ground velocity [] of the passing ISS image would be a quick 7.4 kilometers per second. However, with a standard camera, a small telescope, an exact location to set up his equipment, an exact direction to point the telescope, and sub-millisecond timing -- he created a video [] from which the featured 0.00035 second exposure was extracted. In the resulting image capture [], details on both Mars and the ISS are visible simultaneously. The featured image [] was acquired last Monday at 05:15:47 local time from just northeast of San Diego [], California [], USA []. Although typically much smaller, angularly, than the ISS, Mars [] is approaching its maximum angular size in the next few weeks, because the blue planet [] (Earth) is set to pass its closest [] to the red planet [] (Mars) in their respective orbits around the Sun.

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