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OpenSource release story removed due to developers opposition to Social Justice

Rejected submission by Anonymous Coward at 2015-03-17 10:02:24
A story on the Phoronix linux news site about a release of an Open Source videogame was manually removed after a few days.
The reason cited was the developer's views on social issues such as gender equality (1).

The release story was titled "Xonotic-Forked ChaosEsqueAnthology Sees New Release - Phoronix" and can be accessed via the google cache(2).

Are the social or political views of an author of free software relevant to that software's inherent quality?
Should the beliefs of an opensource developer weigh when when evaluating whether a piece of opensource software is worthy of any publicity or public notice?
Should men with unpopular or "forbidden" views be excised from the opensource movement and "not allowed" to contribute, in a manner similar to that which is done in employment?
Has the free/opensource software movement changed in these respects since its founding? If so is this a positive change?
Should there be gatekeepers to opensource that decide who may and who may not contribute. Should abusive developers be "blackballed" to maintain proper social order and controls?

(1) []
"Fortunately, the article has been removed now."
"Thanks everybody for speaking up."
(2) []

Removed story URL: []

Should an opensource developer be "blackballed" if he holds unacceptable views?

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