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posted by Fnord666 on Sunday March 19 2017, @09:51AM   Printer-friendly
from the there-will-be-an-app-for-that dept.

The lost townscape of sixteenth-century Edinburgh has been brought back to life by researchers at the University of St Andrews.

The new digital reconstruction is the first to be created of the period, and is based on a drawing from 1544, thought to be the earliest accurate depiction of the capital.

The virtual time travel technology – which will be released as an app in May – provides a unique window into the capital around the time of the birth of Mary Queen of Scots.

The technology is the result of a collaboration between St Andrews historians, art historians, computer scientists and University spinout company Smart History. The result is an interactive tour of the capital as it appeared in 1544, just before the city was sacked and burned by an English army led by Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford.

Dr Bess Rhodes, an expert on sixteenth-century Scottish history who collaborated on the reconstruction, said:

"For the first time visitors and residents can compare the city they know with the capital of James V and Mary Queen of Scots. It has been amazing seeing the recreation of a lost townscape. I hope this project makes the public more aware of the layers in the capital's history, and furthers understanding of the complex way in which Edinburgh evolved."

Virtual reproductions can be glitchy. In this one the president's hair is orange.

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday March 19 2017, @10:10AM (2 children)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday March 19 2017, @10:10AM (#481091)

    This is retarded. Why would anyone want to squint their eyes to view this on the small screen and to clumsily poke at a slab instead of using a more precise pointing instrument?

    • (Score: 1) by Ethanol-fueled on Sunday March 19 2017, @10:45AM

      by Ethanol-fueled (2792) Subscriber Badge on Sunday March 19 2017, @10:45AM (#481095) Homepage

      Why indeed, you ask? []

    • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 20 2017, @04:33AM

      by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 20 2017, @04:33AM (#481358)

      You will have more choices than just app. From the actual article:
      "The reconstruction will be available on a number of digital platforms (including a mobile app, a 3-D virtual experience, and more traditional web-based resources) from 1 May 2017."

  • (Score: 2) by gawdonblue on Sunday March 19 2017, @08:34PM

    by gawdonblue (412) on Sunday March 19 2017, @08:34PM (#481246)

    ... But they will never take our topography!

  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 20 2017, @09:04PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday March 20 2017, @09:04PM (#481775)

    Can anybody find a link to Lee's original drawing mentioned in the article? I googled around and couldn't find a clear match for the stated date.