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posted by martyb on Monday October 02 2017, @04:18PM   Printer-friendly

A gunman fired upon thousands of people attending a music festival on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday night, in a brutal attack that is blamed for at least 58 deaths, police say. In the mass shooting and panic that ensued, 515 people were injured. At least one of the dead is an off-duty police officer who was attending the concert.

Editorializing: Interesting how media always emphasize ISLAMIC terrorists, but downplay domestic terrorism as psychologically disturbed individual lone-wolfs.

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  • (Score: 3, Interesting) by bob_super on Monday October 02 2017, @04:53PM (1 child)

    by bob_super (1357) on Monday October 02 2017, @04:53PM (#575970)

    The White House will take swift action, and following the examples of reducing "broadband" threshold and "pollution" limits, will quickly declare that "Mass Shooting" starts at 80 victims.
    This year the US has already seen 273 mass shooting, according to independent observers (Threshold: 4 people).
    Next year: 0 (Threshold: 80)

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 02 2017, @09:13PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 02 2017, @09:13PM (#576197)

    How many of those mass shootings (as defined by 4+ dead people - and does that include a dead murderer?) are related to the War On Drugs, where the parties involved are by law locked out of the court system as a means to resolve disputes?