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Mainpage 03/05 01:52  (poll) Would you recommend someone to move to the U.S.?   mrpg
Mainpage 03/08 22:30  Poll on profession  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 03/26 19:22  (Poll) Programming teaching methodology?  BsAtHome
Mainpage 04/04 13:45  Lockheed's MQ-25 Tanker Drone Looks Impressive, But It's Still Just A Paper Plane - The Driv  MrPlow
Mainpage 04/11 21:08  Dutch health insurers use Facebook tracking on their sites  FakeBeldin
Mainpage 04/13 04:42  Hated Science Publisher Elsevier To Help EU Monitor Open Science - Including Open Access  canopic jug
Mainpage 04/13 15:01  Tesla Removed from Fatal Car Crash Proble  Arthur T Knackerbrac
Mainpage 04/15 00:30  Liberal Myth Debunked: No, Australia’s Gun Control Laws Didn’t Reduce Violence  realDonaldTrump
Politics 04/15 07:40  Americans Rally for Gun Rights 🇺🇸  realDonaldTrump
Mainpage 04/15 11:59  Food allergy linked to skin exposure and genetics, study finds: Triggered by perfect storm of geneti  MrPlow
Mainpage 04/15 12:26  prominent lawyer self-immolates to protest climate change  Anonymous Coward
Politics 04/16 05:37  Canada's Minister of Public Safety Proposes Gun Control Measure  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 04/16 09:44  Evidence of "rape game" at Fargo, N.D. high school is deleted  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 04/18 10:42  Daughter of Dubai, UAE ruler escaped her father, brought back, gone missing  Anonymous Coward
Politics 04/18 14:07  CIA Director Mike Pompeo met with Kim Jong Un  John Miller
Mainpage 04/18 16:12  Former FCC Broadband Panel Chair Arrested for Fraud | DSLReports, ISP Information  MrPlow
Mainpage 04/18 16:29  Amazon has shelved a plan to sell drugs to hospitals, and insiders say there are two reasons why  MrPlow
Mainpage 04/18 16:31  Teenager Charged For Nova Scotia Freedom of Information Web Portal Breach  exec
Mainpage 04/18 17:44  Block Buster: How A Private Intelligence Platform Leaked 48 Million Personal Data Records  MrPlow
Mainpage 04/18 20:51  Chat Site for Gamers Got Overrun by the Alt-Right. Now It’s Fighting Back.  aristarchus
Mainpage 04/18 22:10  Amazon and Best Buy Team Up to Sell Smart TVs  takyon
Mainpage 04/18 22:36  Gravitas Acquires ‘Alt-Right: Age of Rage’ Documentary  aristarchus
Politics 04/18 22:47  Why white nationalists are spreading conspiracy theories that Trump is being controlled by the “deep  aristarchus
Politics 04/19 07:25  Right-winger? Not me, says alt-right darling Jordan Peterson  aristarchus
Politics 04/19 08:14  The Castros are Gone!  realDonaldTrump
Mainpage 04/19 09:39  Oblivious DNS  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 04/19 12:27  A Google update just created a big problem for anti-censorship tools - The Verge  MrPlow
Mainpage 04/19 12:27  Login With Facebook data hijacked by JavaScript trackers – TechCrunch  MrPlow
Mainpage 04/19 12:28  Microsoft Ports Anti-Phishing Technology to Google Chrome Extension  MrPlow
Mainpage 04/19 14:33  Amazon’s new ‘Alexa Blueprints’ let anyone create custom Alexa skills and response  MrPlow
Mainpage 04/19 15:02  Kernel lockdown locked out — for now  Anonymous Coward
Politics 04/20 00:31  McInnes, Molyneux, and 4chan: Investigating pathways to the alt-right  aristarchus
Politics 04/20 00:55  Congratulations, Jim Bridenstone! Big Boss at NASA!  realDonaldTrump
Mainpage 04/20 02:53  The FCC loses a fierce consumer advocate as Mignon Clyburn resigns  exec
Mainpage 04/20 03:05  US government weighs in on GDPR-Whois debacle, orders ICANN to go probe GoDaddy  exec
Mainpage 04/20 03:34  Seeing Through the Rhetoric of the Alt-Right: Spotting White Supremacist Propaganda in W.Va.   aristarchus
Mainpage 04/20 03:45  Riot: A Distributed Way of Having IRC and VOIP Client and Home Server  Anonymous Coward

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Mainpage 04/21 11:29 Moscow State University Team Wins World Finals of ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest martyb
Mainpage 04/21 09:20 Deficiencies Of Cryptographic Currencies cafebabe
Mainpage 04/21 07:43 Amazon Reaches 100 Million Prime Members takyon
Mainpage 04/21 06:06 A Graphene Roll-Out MrPlow
Mainpage 04/20 06:14 Noise Volumes Rising in Restaurants and Eateries Booga1