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posted by FatPhil on Thursday April 11 2019, @01:22PM   Printer-friendly
from the shoulda-taken-the-tea-chest-option-years-back dept.

Breaking: Met police confirm that Julian Assange has been arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy.

Mr Assange took refuge in the embassy seven years ago to avoid extradition to Sweden over a sexual assault case that has since been dropped.

The Met Police said he was arrested for failing to surrender to the court.

Ecuador's president Lenin Moreno said it withdrew Mr Assange's asylum after his repeated violations to international conventions.

But WikiLeaks tweeted that Ecuador had acted illegally in terminating Mr Assange's political asylum "in violation of international law".

[...] Scotland Yard said it was invited into the embassy by the ambassador, following the Ecuadorian government's withdrawal of asylum.

After his arrest for failing to surrender to the court, police said he had been further arrested on behalf of US authorities under an extradition warrant.

He doesn't look happy, to say the least.

Update: As this is a breaking story, more information is coming out regularly - one source that updates their reports frequently is Zero Hedge - thanks boru!

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Thursday April 11 2019, @08:16PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Thursday April 11 2019, @08:16PM (#828229)

    Yep I posted above a video of him saying he "loves" wikileaks.

  • (Score: 2) by Bot on Thursday April 11 2019, @09:22PM

    by Bot (3902) on Thursday April 11 2019, @09:22PM (#828277) Journal

    The fallacy here stems from your implicit and unproven assertion that a presidential candidate knows what he/she/it is talking about.

    Account abandoned.
  • (Score: 2) by realDonaldTrump on Friday April 12 2019, @04:49AM

    by realDonaldTrump (6614) on Friday April 12 2019, @04:49AM (#828480) Homepage Journal

    2016, long time ago. Long time. And I thought Wikileaks was the one with the incredible pictures. With the Bio "Pages" and so many amazing "pages" about things that you never even heard of in your entire life. They have a Bio of Lenora Fulani. And, a Bio of David Duke. People that you probably never heard of. I heard of them, I was running against them. Considering running against them. But, they ruined my Party -- Reform Party. That, by the way, is why I became a Democrat. That, and it's hard to get far in N.Y. as a Republican. I got as far as anyone can get. On my first try -- it's called GENIUS. And I get so many compliments on winning that one so overwhelmingly. When everyone thought Crooked would win.

    Wikileaks, I asked my Cyber Security Advisor about that one. Rudy Giuliani, maybe you've heard of him. Very famous, very smart guy. Whether it's politics, cyber or anything else. Who was the one and only Mayor of New York, he turned New York into this unbelievable place. I said, is Wikileaks the one with the beautiful pictures and stories? Where you have to be famous to get in? And if your name is Michael David Crawford (RIP!!) you're not famous enough. But, Rudy told me "no." He says, this one is about leakers. Leakers and liars. And I've had it up to hear with the leakers and the liars. We have so many. In the White House, in many places. You can't see where I'm pointing. But, I'm pointing at my head, at the top of my head. My fabulous Hair. We did the Prison Reform, the Sentencing Reform -- First Step Act. A gift from me to our Crack users -- and dealers. Our wonderful Inmates. But if they lock up the leakers, lock up the liars for a really long time -- good! That's good for our Country. We locked up Chelsea Manning. Formerly known as Bradley Manning. U.K. has this Assange guy locked up, pretty soon we're going to bring him here. Like we brought El Chapo. And my military guys say it's very good. My C.I.A. guys say it's very good. My Attorney General says it's very good. So I'm thinking, this is very good. I'm thinking, let's lock up all the leakers. All the liars. And win our Wars much more easily. Because we'll stop so much negative (Fake) coverage. I'm the biggest Free Press guy you've ever seen in your entire life. But Fake News has gone too far. They call it News, it's not News. It's LEAKS & LIES. We spent $7 TRILLION in Middle East. Because of Chelsea (used to be Bradley) Manning. Because of this guy Assange. And a few other people like them. At the Amazon Washington Post, at the Corrupt Failing Fake News New York Times. C.N.N. And places like that. LOCK THEM UP AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!