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posted by takyon on Sunday January 10 2016, @11:30AM   Printer-friendly
from the the-truth-is-out-there dept.

Although many U.S. presidential candidates are discussing "aliens," the Daily Mail has a story about a candidate talking about aliens from potentially much farther away. According to the Daily Mail, Hillary Clinton has made a campaign promise to 'get to the bottom' of Area 51 if she should be elected President of the United States of America. Specifically, Clinton said that she would reveal the UFO truth:

"one way or another. Maybe we could have, like, a task force to go to Area 51."

"I think we may have been [visited already]. We don't know for sure."

The Daily Mail story is based on the report of an interview with the candidate published in the Conway Daily Sun newspaper of Conway, New Hampshire.

Do the contributors here think that extraterrestrials are a promising and important campaign topic? Or is there skepticism?

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  • (Score: 1, Informative) by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 10 2016, @08:44PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 10 2016, @08:44PM (#287765)

    I'm no fan of Clinton but your source is a sensationalist bit of lame journalism trying to sway public opinion.

    Title: Fact Check: Was Hillary Clinton fired from Watergate investigation?

    After the Nixon impeachment investigation was finished, Zeifman fired Rodham and said he refused to give her a letter of recommendation.

    The article itself states that she was there to the impeachment.

    But there is nothing to out-and-out confirm Zeifman’s rendition. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t be true, but it makes it difficult to arrive at the truth.

    Fact check indeed...
    I have no problem with accusing Clinton of unethical behavior, but you should work a little harder on your critical thinking and not accept "facts" as given by obviously biased sources. If it makes you feel any better, I have the same criticisms for most anything that comes from msnbc and other liberally biased articles.

    Redflags from your link besides what I listed already: "Is this true?" Asking a question in a news piece, bad journalism. Every "fact" is hearsay from Zeifman, with the most critical quote at the top coming from "On his now-shuttered website...." However I have seen worse bits of opinion pushing.

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