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posted by Fnord666 on Thursday November 09 2017, @12:11AM   Printer-friendly
from the getting-out-of-town dept.

The boss of AMD's Radeon Technologies Group is leaving the company:

Remember when we reported on the Radeon Technologies Group boss, Raja Koduri, taking a leave of absence with an intent to return to the fold in December? That isn't going to happen, according to a memo Raja has written to his team, because today is his last day in the job.

[...] Our sources tell us that Lisa Su, AMD CEO, will continue to oversee RTG for the foreseeable future. AMD appreciates that such an important role cannot be the sole domain of the CEO, and to this end is actively searching for a successor to Raja. We expect the appointment to be made within a few months.

The rumor mill suggests that Koduri will take a job at Intel, which would come at an interesting time now that Intel is including AMD graphics and High Bandwidth Memory in some of its products.

Update: Intel to Develop Discrete GPUs, Hires Raja Koduri as Chief Architect & Senior VP

Also at HotHardware and Fudzilla.

Previously: Interview With Raja Koduri, Head of the Radeon Technologies Group at AMD

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  • (Score: 2) by linkdude64 on Thursday November 09 2017, @04:39AM (2 children)

    by linkdude64 (5482) on Thursday November 09 2017, @04:39AM (#594428)

    Which I have been reading about recently:
    Differences in the self-reporting temperatures Vega GPUs report vs. what are measured, physically varying GPU package sizes depending on the model, making non-reference mass production of cards very difficult (Gigabyte, for instance, had said a month or two ago that they will not be producing a non reference card, which is huge), a now two-month delay for even the fully committed non-reference card manufacturers (ASUS, EVGA, etc) to release their cards, and Powercolor reporting that it is ready, but is "Waiting for its shipments of HBM modules" (?!?!?!) Something is clearly going very wrong with Vega.

    This is a surprise to me, as I had imagined the glut of income they should have had due to the mining boom would've given them every resource they needed to produce a worthy successor line. I will still refuse to support NVidia, but I had been waiting to buy a Vega card, and loathe the thought of paying full price for a card like a 580 which is just a rebranded architecture that is several years old already. Damn shame.

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  • (Score: 1) by Booga1 on Thursday November 09 2017, @07:18PM (1 child)

    by Booga1 (6333) on Thursday November 09 2017, @07:18PM (#594777)

    Got a Vega 56 right at launch. I'm quite pleased with it since it's nowhere near as loud as the reviews seemed to be making out, and it's about 4x as powerful as my previous card.
    Can't say I'd want to pay the 85-100% premium for 50% more performance from a 1080 TI.

    • (Score: 2) by linkdude64 on Friday November 10 2017, @04:44PM

      by linkdude64 (5482) on Friday November 10 2017, @04:44PM (#595180)

      Well, that is good to know. I am very picky about hardware, however, and for GPUs will generally only buy ASUS custom cards due to their astounding build quality. Any blower card is going to be much louder than a decently made custom card, at any rate. I just know that Vega is quite power-hungry, especially compared to the Nvidia cards, and so heat dissipation becomes very important. Again, I would rather not buy any cards than buy Nvidia.