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posted by mrpg on Tuesday March 13 2018, @01:08PM   Printer-friendly
from the alien-subject dept.

NASA's acting administrator, Robert M. Lightfoot Jr., has announced that he will retire on April 30. The U.S. Senate has not yet voted on confirming Jim Bridenstine as a permanent replacement:

[...] In September, President Trump nominated Jim Bridenstine, a Republican congressman from Oklahoma, to be the next administrator. But the Senate has yet to vote to confirm Mr. Bridenstine.

All 49 Democrats in the Senate appear unified in opposition, in part because Mr. Bridenstine gave a speech disparaging climate change several years ago. Senator Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican, has also expressed doubts about Mr. Bridenstine.

The space agency's No. 2 position, deputy administrator, is vacant. The Trump administration has yet to nominate anyone. Steve Jurczyk, formerly the associate administrator for space technology, was named in late February as a temporary fill-in for Mr. Lightfoot's previous job, associate administrator. NASA is also lacking a chief of staff.

[...] Mr. Lightfoot's 406 days as acting administrator is by far the longest NASA has operated without a permanent leader, eclipsing the 176 days that passed at the start of the Obama administration before Mr. Bolden was confirmed.

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  • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday March 13 2018, @06:03PM (2 children)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday March 13 2018, @06:03PM (#651907)

    It's partly just democrats being democrats. It's partly because there are many republicans that don't actually oppose the democrat agenda. All of them mainly want to please donors.

    Trump's nominations have been mostly wonderful. That includes Tillerson, and it is mighty sad that Tillerson was unable to accept that he doesn't get to unilaterally decide the Iran issues. His oil company experience makes him perfect for dealing with Russia and the Middle East, and pretty darn good for the rest of the world -- oil being an underlying factor in most conflicts, second only to Islam.

    Some other choices that were wonderful: department of education, EPA, DoD

  • (Score: 2) by takyon on Tuesday March 13 2018, @06:15PM (1 child)

    by takyon (881) <reversethis-{gro ... s} {ta} {noykat}> on Tuesday March 13 2018, @06:15PM (#651916) Journal

    DeVos and Pruitt are trash. We'll see how long Mattis sticks around before being thrown overboard.

    [SIG] 10/28/2017: Soylent Upgrade v14 []
    • (Score: 0) by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday March 13 2018, @08:42PM

      by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday March 13 2018, @08:42PM (#651991)

      DeVos got rid of the policy that forced colleges to consider people guilty-until-proven-innocent (exactly backwards) in rape accusations. That policy fucked up many lives.

      DeVos supports school choice.

      DeVos isn't anti-gun. Leaving our children like sitting ducks, totally unprotected, has been the leftist/liberal/democrat policy. That's likely to change.

      Both DeVos and Pruitt keep their agencies from the usual unbounded growth.

      Pruitt is putting a stop to economy-killing regulations.

      Pruitt has rescinded the Clean Water Rule, which was an uncompensated land grab that effectively stole private property in violation of the "takings" clause of the 5th amendment of our constitution.

      Mattis is mostly wonderful too, but I'll point out a flaw: he holds an incorrect view on torture.