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posted by hubie on Friday January 20 2023, @06:56PM   Printer-friendly
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Generative AI, like OpenAI's ChatGPT, could completely revamp how digital content is developed, said Nina Schick, adviser, speaker, and A.I. thought leader told Yahoo Finance Live:

"I think we might reach 90% of online content generated by AI by 2025, so this technology is exponential," she said. "I believe that the majority of digital content is going to start to be produced by AI. You see ChatGPT... but there are a whole plethora of other platforms and applications that are coming up."

The surge of interest in OpenAI's DALL-E and ChatGPT has facilitated a wide-ranging public discussion about AI and its expanding role in our world, particularly generative AI.

[...] Though it's complicated, the extent to which ChatGPT in its current form is a viable Google competitor, there's little doubt of the possibilities. Meanwhile, Microsoft already has invested $1 billion in OpenAI, and there's talk of further investment from the enterprise tech giant, which owns search engine Bing. The company is reportedly looking to invest another $10 billion in OpenAI.


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  • (Score: 1) by khallow on Saturday January 21 2023, @07:11AM

    by khallow (3766) Subscriber Badge on Saturday January 21 2023, @07:11AM (#1287856) Journal

    Currently there are for-profit corporations and non-profits but time to make a middle ground corporation that pursues a goal

    You mean like a for profit corporation with bylaws? Been there. Done that. Turns out most corporation creators aren't interested in goals other than the usual ones.

    And given that you haven't mentioned what these goals are or why we need a different sort of corporation to pursue them, I'm struck with the thought that maybe we don't need those goals much less specialized corporations to pursue them!