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posted by mrpg on Friday May 28, @11:26AM   Printer-friendly
from the what-could-go-wrong dept.

Ohio lawmakers want to abolish vaccine requirements:

[...] Lawmakers are working on legislation to call off the lottery immediately. They're also trying to head off any plans for "vaccine passports." And last month, they introduced a sweeping antivaccination bill that would essentially demolish public health and vaccination requirements in the state—and not just requirements for COVID-19 vaccines, requirements for any vaccine.

[...] State Rep. Beth Liston (D-Dublin) blasted the bill, telling The Columbus Dispatch, "Not only would it prevent schools, businesses and communities from putting safety measures in pace related to COVID, it will impact the health of our children... This bill applies to all vaccines—polio, measles, meningitis, etc. If it becomes law we will see worsening measles outbreaks, meningitis in the dorms, and children once again suffering from polio."

[...] "At its core, this proposal would destroy our current public health framework that prevents outbreaks of potentially lethal diseases, threatens the stability of our economy as it recovers from a devastating pandemic and jeopardizes the way we live, learn, work and celebrate life," the letter said.

[...] "HB 248 would put all Ohioans at risk while increasing the cost of health care for families, individuals and businesses," spokesperson Dan Williamson said. "This proposal applies to all immunizations, including childhood vaccines. If passed, this legislation could reverse decades of immunity from life-threatening, but vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles, mumps, hepatitis, meningitis and tuberculosis."

Also: Ohio GOP lawmakers, citing 'need to protect' from vaccines, seek to expand exemptions, nix COVID passports

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  • (Score: 5, Informative) by Anonymous Coward on Friday May 28, @05:58PM

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday May 28, @05:58PM (#1139767)

    > Nothing significant has changed since then.

    Beginning in 1936, the Democrat and Republican parties swapped platforms. This was the beginning of the current racist, far-right, fascist, religious extremist Republican party that we all know today.

    Unfortunately, while the Republican party went full retard extreme "heil hitler" far-right. The Democratic party remained a right-leaning party, so we live in the dysfunctional hellscape* of a nation ruled from the right. []

    *Shit for profit health care system where US does worse than any 1st or second world nation in metrics like infant mortality-- in fact worse than many poor 3rd world nations. We have a partially private for-profit prison system that imprisons more people both as a percentage of population and as absolute numbers than any other nation. Where judges have been convicted for taking bribes to send innocent children to private prisons destroying their lives. Where the military and the police are well funded, regularly commit atrocities, and are unaccountable. Etc.

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