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Politics 08/12 16:04  Poll suggestion: How will Trump's presidency end?  mcgrew
Mainpage 08/13 00:49  British Columbia family replaces lost one-of-a-kind van key with help of hacker.   dw861
Politics 08/13 00:59  State Congresswoman Shouted Down By Racists  BK
Mainpage 08/13 16:21  Internet Threats Hound Teen Subsistence Hunter  BK
Politics 08/13 18:19  Forget Korea, Next Land War in Asia May Be in Bhutan  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 08/14 04:08  Free Speech on Campus in Virgina  aristarchus
Mainpage 08/15 03:03  OpenAI bot bursts into the ring, humiliates top Dota 2 pro gamer in 'scary' one-on-one bout  exec
Mainpage 08/15 05:55  (Charlottesville Fallout) "White Lives Matter" Rally at Texas A&M cancelled  aristarchus
Mainpage 08/15 23:41  Letter from Uof Fla President Re: Richard Spencer  aristarchus
Politics 08/16 02:20  @StateDept released documents on Operation TPAJAX!  realDonaldTrump
Mainpage 08/16 06:54  How Central Banking Increased Inequality  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 08/16 15:00  Poll proposal - I'm here for...  c0lo
Mainpage 08/17 01:36  Bitcoin Upgrade at Block 494,784 |  MrPlow
Mainpage 08/17 02:02  (UPDATE!) Letter from Uof Fla President Re: Richard Spencer   aristarchus
Mainpage 08/18 01:32  Ask SoylentNews: Should President Trump Pardon Julian Assange?  realDonaldTrump
Mainpage 08/18 02:56  Silent 10-Minute Track Reaches Top 100 on iTunes  martyb
Mainpage 08/18 03:01  GitHub CEO Chris Wanstrath To Step Down After Finding His Own Replacement  MrPlow
Mainpage 08/18 05:42  If You’ve Ever Watched a Rocket Launch, That Billowing Cloud Isn't The Exhaust.  tonyPick
Mainpage 08/18 09:03  Vice video on Charlottesville  aristarchus
Politics 08/18 09:39  ACLU rethinking defending armed groups  aristarchus
Mainpage 08/18 13:16  Antibiotics found to weaken body's ability to fight off disease  exec
Mainpage 08/19 03:35  Boston Commons Closed to Free Speech by Alt-right   aristarchus
Mainpage 08/19 05:35  Fighting Neo-Nazis and the Future of Free Expression  Mr. Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 08/19 07:32  A Big Win for Mobile App Terms Of Service Agreements in Uber Case  tonyPick
Mainpage 08/19 10:28  [H]ardOCP: Amazon's 1-Click Patent Expires Next Month  MrPlow
Mainpage 08/19 15:50  Wisconsin lawmakers vote to provide up to $3B in subsidies to Foxconn.  Whoever
Mainpage 08/19 17:18  AMD Confirms its Platform Security Processor Code will Remain Closed-Source | techPowerUp  MrPlow

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Mainpage 08/19 19:55 Class Action Lawsuit Against Nestle for Poland "Spring" Water takyon