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Mainpage 10/30 20:17  POLL: What do you consider to be the biggest technilogical advancement for electronics?  DECbot
Mainpage 10/31 12:24  Maths fail shows bias in news reporting  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 11/03 03:54  Quantification of ocean heat uptake from change in atmospheric oxygen and carbon dioxide composition  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 11/03 15:18  The creator of Godwin’s law interviews David Simon about Nazis on Twitter and more.  Bobs
Mainpage 11/04 23:05  Twit for Twat  RandomFactor
Mainpage 11/05 01:52  Google Translate voice change  fakefuck39
Politics 11/05 08:27  Why Tommy Robinson and the rise of the alt-right is provoking alarm in Australia   aristarchus
Mainpage 11/05 08:51  Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism. Now They Don't Know How to Stop It.   aristarchus
Mainpage 11/07 00:43  Facebook is banning the far-right violent group Proud Boys after an attack in New York  aristarchus
Politics 11/07 05:44  Angry East Germen incels vote for far right  Anonymous Braveperso
Mainpage 11/07 21:19  Apple walks Ars through the iPad Pro’s A12X system on a chip  exec
Mainpage 11/08 01:34  Fashion: Can AI Predict Future Trends?  upstart
Mainpage 11/08 01:37  200 mass graves of thousands of ISIS victims found  exec
Communityreviews 11/08 01:56  Boudica the warrior queen, Or, the God-Emperor falls  aristarchus
Mainpage 11/08 09:16  Researchers Bypass SSD (and HD) Encryption  canopic jug
Mainpage 11/08 15:15  Hypocrats at it agaon  Runaway1956
Mainpage 11/09 00:06  GDPR USA? 'A Year Ago, Hell No ... More People are Open to It Now' – House Rep Says EU-like Law May   upstart
Mainpage 11/09 05:27  Brain Activity Pattern May be Early Sign of Schizophrenia  upstart
Politics 11/09 23:49  Trump's alt right agenda stymied  aristarchus
Mainpage 11/10 00:08  Amazon Removed Merchandise From Its Site Touting The Far-Right Group "Proud Boys"  aristarchus
Mainpage 11/10 03:42  'Remarkable' Decline in Fertility Rates  upstart
Mainpage 11/11 04:39  Egypt's Newly Discovered Tombs Hold Mummies, Animal Statues  upstart
Mainpage 11/11 11:54  Discouraging women from working and sharing alt-right memes: We spoke to Lancaster’s Traditionalist   aristarchus
Politics 11/12 01:25  Kent State sued for demanding security fee for gun-rights event  aristarchus
Mainpage 11/12 19:28  The Voice of the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’  aristarchus
Mainpage 11/12 20:02  Dynamic Audiovisuals Increase Spectator Attention, but Inhibits Conscious Processing  upstart
Mainpage 11/13 22:56  Drinking Coffee May Reduce Your Chances of Developing Alzheimer's, Parkinson's  upstart
Mainpage 11/14 15:41  We Need an FDA For Algorithms  upstart
Mainpage 11/14 15:41  There is No Fundamental Difference Between Male and Female Brains | New Scientist  upstart
Mainpage 11/14 21:20  Caravan 'breakaway group' of several hundred migrants arrive at US border, officials say  realDonaldTrump
Mainpage 11/15 00:20  Uber Posts $1 Billion Loss in Quarter as Growth in Bookings Slows  martyb
Mainpage 11/15 03:35  PS3 Other OS settlement checks delivered  JoeMerchant
Mainpage 11/15 04:25  Intel CPU shortages to continue into 2Q19, says Asustek CEO  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 11/15 09:08  Aus MyHealhRecord OptOut Extented Again  Anonymous Coward
Mainpage 11/15 10:09  New Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ Unveiled  canopic jug

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Mainpage 11/15 15:14 Archaeologists Find Possible Ruins of Ancient Greek City of Tenea takyon
Mainpage 11/15 13:37 Chinese Automaker Zotye Plans 2020 Entrance into the U.S. Market takyon