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Mainpage 06/28 20:04  New Study Shows How the Ancient World Adapted to Climate Change  upstart
Mainpage 06/28 20:47  How to MRI Your Dragon: Researchers Develop First Bearded Dragon Brain Atlas  upstart
Mainpage 06/28 20:57  Human Skeletons Unearthed From Historical Site Northeast Iran  upstart
Mainpage 06/28 21:13  Ransomware $ for bugs  looorg
Mainpage 06/28 22:48  Abusing Cloudflare Workers - Christophe Tafani-Dereeper  upstart
Mainpage 06/30 22:48  Passenger Drives to Airport to Rebook Flight After 4-Hour Call Center Wait  upstart
Mainpage 07/01 00:13  Can a Corporation "Own" a Color?  upstart
Mainpage 07/01 02:24  Hip Flexors Get Weak When We Sit Too Much – but Simple Stretches and Strengthening Exercises Can Lea  upstart
Mainpage 07/01 11:56  A Gentler, More Precise Laser Cutting Technique  upstart
Mainpage 07/01 11:59  Tesla Hit With New Lawsuit Alleging Racial Abuse  upstart
Mainpage 07/01 14:12  California Sets Nation's Toughest Plastics Reduction Rules  upstart
Mainpage 07/01 19:16  Novel Gene for Alzheimer's Disease in Women Identified: Findings May Help Explain Why Alzheimer's is  upstart
Mainpage 07/02 07:31  New York Bans Guns in Many Public Places After Supreme Court Ruling  upstart
Mainpage 07/02 12:27  FCC Approves Starlink for Moving Vehicles  takyon
Mainpage 07/02 19:52  Kaspersky Discovers Poorly Detected Backdoor, Targeting Governments and NGOs Around the Globe  upstart
Mainpage 07/02 21:44  Japanese City to Hold World’s First Virtual Tuna Carving Performance in Metaverse This Summer - Japa  upstart
Mainpage 07/03 01:24  Ice Age Wolf DNA Reveals Dogs Trace Ancestry to Two Separate Wolf Populations  hubie
Mainpage 07/03 02:26  Help NASA Scientists Find Clouds on Mars  hubie
Mainpage 07/03 13:08  Found: the 'Holy Grail of Catalysis'  upstart
Mainpage 07/03 16:12  Scientists Find Greenhouse Gas Warming Likely Cause of Industrial-Era Sea Level Rise  hubie
Mainpage 07/03 19:17  Halifax Bank Threatens to Close Customer Accounts for "Inappropriate" Social Media Posts  upstart
Mainpage 07/03 23:00  Motorless Sailplane for Exploring Mars Soars Like Albatross  upstart
Mainpage 07/03 23:09  Amazon Cancels or Delays Plans for at Least 16 Warehouses This Year  upstart
Mainpage 07/04 10:50  Perseverance Mars Rover Wind Sensor Damaged by Pebbles, but Still Operational  upstart
Mainpage 07/04 13:41  Dinosaurs Took Over Amid Ice, Not Warmth, Says a New Study of Ancient Mass Extinction  hubie
Mainpage 07/04 20:34  How Reindeer Eyes Transform in Winter to Give Them Twilight Vision  upstart
Mainpage 07/04 23:31  Major Crypto Hedge Fund Three Arrows Capital Files for Bankruptcy and Fires 25% of Workforce as Cryp  upstart
Mainpage 07/04 23:46  Never-before-seen Crystals Found in Perfectly Preserved Meteorite Dust  upstart

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Mainpage 07/05 17:36 Machine Learning Goes With the Flow hubie
Mainpage 07/05 14:51 YouTube Removes Criticism of Dangerous Fractal Wood Burning Instructions but Leaves Lethal Tips upstart
Mainpage 07/05 12:09 Give Up GitHub: The Time Has Come! NPC-131072
Mainpage 07/05 09:25 Board Game Developed by Scientists for Inspiring Students to Consider STEM Careers hubie
Mainpage 07/05 06:33 Interviews on 25 Years Since the Filming of "Contact" canopic jug
Mainpage 07/05 03:51 Turning Phones on Silent May Increase Phone Checking hubie
Mainpage 07/05 01:01 Japanese Space Hamster Returns looorg