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Berners-Lee: WWW is spy net

Accepted submission by Anonymous Coward at 2016-06-12 11:16:40
Digital Liberty

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Inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has warned that the internet has become the "world's largest surveillance network."

Speaking at the Decentralized Web Summit conference in San Francisco run by the Internet Archive, the engineer joined other internet notables including "father of the internet" Vint Cerf and Mozilla head Mitchell Baker in discussing how to strengthen the open internet as well as ensure its contents are retained over time.

"The web is already decentralized," Berners-Lee told attendees. "The problem is the dominance of one search engine, one social network, one Twitter for micro-blogging. We don't have a technology problem; we have a social problem."

Berners-Lee's warnings about surveillance were reiterated by founder of the Internet Archive, Brewster Kahle: "Edward Snowden showed we've inadvertently built the world's largest surveillance network with the web. We have the ability to change all that."

The conference featured the developers of many tools that aim to retain the internet's decentralized nature, such as Blockstack, Ethereum, Interledger, IPFS and others.

It's not just the WWW that is the SeSPol's (I'm trying to coin this term which stands for SEcret Security POLice - and has a nice ring of 'cesspool' to it) wet dream, it's the entire internet: your phone reports on your location at all times, apps on it flush all contents of your phone to the owners of the app, almost all websites do some sort of tracking (most of them using Google Analytics), e-mail providers happily hand over anything to anyone asking and the rest is vacuumed up automatically by the NSA...
So with that in mind: how are soylentils protecting themselves online aside from the usual (i.e. not running javascript or 'use a VPN')?

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