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SoylentNews PBC — Happy Birthday to Us!

Accepted submission by martyb at 2016-07-04 03:37:19

Two years ago, on 2014-07-04, SoylentNews received official confirmation [] of becoming a Public Benefit Corporation []. Though there is no user-visible manifestation of this on the site (or any of the other services we provide), it does stand as an important milestone in our history.

A lot has happened since this site has gone live. Here are some numbers:

  • 93 - Number of Polls posted.
  • 1816 - Journal articles posted.
  • 6278 - Number of nicknames registered.
  • 12252 - Number of stories posted to the site.
  • 14556 - Number of stories submitted.
  • 369411 - Number of comments posted.
  • 41767215 - Number of story hits we've counted (ignores AC hits)

Number provide, however, only part of the story. We have keep the site up and running with only a few unplanned site outages, which is a far cry from how things were back when the site launched. To watch this community coalesce and grow to what it is today has been a heart-warming and enriching experience. I've read stories and comments that have changed my view of the world. All thanks to the tireless (and very occasionally tired) efforts of our all-volunteer staff. And what a talented and selfless group of people we have! I am continually impressed with the knowledge and professionalism exhibited by the staff — I tip my hat to them all.

One of the comments to last year's story [] sums it up very well for me:

I[t] feels like much longer than a year ago, maybe because Soylent perfectly replaced the place Slashdot occupied in my heart. Except, it's better. NCommander, Eds, we really appreciate the work, spirit, and intent you've put into the community. It's a mark of distinction that this place feels more like a really big, walnut-panelled study filled with learned colleagues than it does a random, pointless forum. The latter is ubiquitous, the former unique.

It is my fervent hope that we will continue to earn your support and provide you with the best news discussion site we can.

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