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FOSS Friendly IBM is attempting to destroy OpenLava

Accepted submission by Anonymous Coward at 2016-11-02 00:55:30
Digital Liberty

Several years ago Platform Computing (now owned by IBM) released an
open source version of LSF -- their premier software product. In
recent years that open source product as begun to flourish, and now IBM
is using the DMCA in an attempt to erase all progress made on the project
since it was first released. I guess if you can't compete, you call your
legal team...

As posted on the OpenLava mailing list today:

      > Hello all, this is David Bigagli the founder of OpenLava, I am writing
      > on behalf of the OpenLava project. As some or most of you might have
      > noticed the GPL2 OpenLava project is under attack by the IBM
      > corporation. The github software repository have been shut down under
      > the US DMCA law and now the OpenLava website, hosted
      > on Amazon S3, which provides the source code to the latest 4.0 and 3.0
      > version will be shut down in the next 24 hours unless the source code
      > is removed.
      > IBM claims that the versions of OpenLava starting from 3.0 infringe
      > their copyright and that some source code have been stolen from them,
      > copied, or otherwise taken from their code base.
      > I have developed most of the OpenLava code and I have reviewed all
      > contributions. All this development was done without access to any
      > IBM code. All IBM claims regarding the source code are false and
      > fabricated.
      > OpenLava is helping users in need of open source LSF compatible
      > software to run their business. OpenLava brought the LSF experience to
      > a wider community thanks to Platform Lava, to which anybody can
      > contribute, help or get inspiration for other open source projects.
      > IBM does not have a technical answer to OpenLava and to the benefit
      > its users have. They cannot articulate why their software is better
      > than OpenLava for the money they charge for it. IBM fears OpenLava
      > because is does provide a better functionality than their own software
      > and that's why it can only reply with a lawsuit by hiring: Kirkland &
      > Ellis LLP.
      > We have no choice at this stage but to remove OpenLava 3.0 and 4.0
      > from our web site. We will bring back the original OpenLava 2.2 to
      > github and www,openlava,org.
      > With your community support OpenLava is and will always remain a open
      > source project under the GPL2 license, as stated in the COPYING file
      > under the root of the source code and in every source file.
      > Thanks
      > David Bigagli

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