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Feral Offering Free Games to Mesa Devs

Accepted submission by The Mighty Buzzard at 2017-03-24 10:43:38 from the free beer for free speech dept.

In a happy move that makes me want to dev a bit for mesa we have the following announcement []:

Thank you to the Mesa community for helping improve support for Mesa drivers!

To spur you on, we’re giving dedicated contributors a special Steam Key granting free access to our entire Linux repertoire. That’s a lot of test cases…

If you have made at least 25 commits to Mesa in the past five years, email with 'Steam' in the subject, and tell us your usernames for freedesktop and Steam.

See you in the repository.

Wait, twenty-five commits? I've done that in a single day working on rehash. Get your key before they change it to pull requests.

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