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April Fool's Day - Collect Your Best Tales Here

Accepted submission by martyb at 2017-04-01 00:32:49 from the strange days dept.

If you haven't noticed already, today is April 1st, otherwise know as April Fool's Day [].

Writers are a creative lot and very occasionally use this day as an excuse to let their creative juices flow — as they are often granted some discretion by those who watch over their work.

In years past, I've had times where I decided I'd just give up on surfing the web at all, given the plethora of nonsense that got posted. "Sure, it might have seemed funny when you wrote it, but it sure didn't do much of anything for me." I know I am not the only one who has felt this way. Once in a while, though, I do stumble upon a real gem that makes me bust out laughing.

Given all the noise of the half-baked stories out there, the well-crafted prank stories can be hard to find. Let's use this story to post links to the best April Fool's Stories. Funny stories are, of course, desired. So too are bizarre, but genuine, stories. Bring it on!

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