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Marathon Pharmaceuticals Cashes Out on Regulatory Loopholes

Accepted submission by Anonymous Coward at 2017-04-25 20:55:58

Dr. Lowe, from In the Pipeline, writes an update on a story we covered earlier this year:

You may recall Marathon Pharmaceuticals, the small company that announced plans to sell a long-used steroid treatment (Emflaza, deflazacort) in the US to Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients. The price was set to go up steeply, since the company was awarded years of market exclusivity by the FDA (under their program to reward orphan-drug indications like this one).

This business model is the same one followed by a number of other small outfits (see that link above for more), and it’s infuriating. Generic drugs are off patent, by definition, and they’re supposed to be cheap. Taking advantage of regulatory loopholes and perverse incentives to jack their prices up is shameful, unproductive, and expensive.

[...] Marathon itself appears to be about to disappear. And why not? They’ve turned a quick buck. Endpts, who have been doing a great job on this story, couldn’t find anyone who thought that the company had spent more than $70 million on the drug’s approval, and it was probably a lot less. So $140 million, plus milestones and royalties, is a nice return. But there’s more money coming than just that – the company got a priority review voucher from the FDA for bringing a rare pediatric disease drug to the market, and they can sell that on the open market. I’d guess that it could bring in another $100 million or so [] []

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