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Trump Broke 80 Promises in 100 Days

Accepted submission by -- OriginalOwner_ at 2017-05-01 17:10:53 from the not-exactly-like-Ted-Williams dept.

The Center for American Progress reports []

On [April 29], Donald Trump marks the 100th day of his presidency, and finds his approval ratings much lower [] than any of his modern predecessors.

One reason for this could be perceptions about his accountability. To become president, Trump made a lot of promises to a lot of people--663 [], in fact. In just 100 days of what would be 1,461 days of a first term, Donald Trump has broken 80 promises he made before he was sworn in.

[...]A close analysis of the 663 promises Trump made on the campaign trail shows how few he has kept, and how many more he has broken.

Trump's promises about what he would accomplish in his first 100 days are not the first vows pegged to a key milestone that were summarily ignored or broken. As a candidate, Trump made several pledges about the first paper he would sign, as well as what would he would do during his first minute and first hour as president. He kept none of them. On his first day in office, Trump failed to keep 34 different promises [] of what he said he would do on Day One in the White House--and fulfilled just two.

In total, during his first month in office, Trump broke 64 promises []. He kept just seven of his promises in that first month.

Including those from the first month, Trump has broken 80 promises and kept seven in the first hundred days. Three promises have been addressed with some caveats in a separate category below.

[...]When the AP's Julie Pace asked Trump about the 100-day plan, Trump replied, "I'm mostly there on most items."

The reality shows the opposite.

[...]Trump promised he won't let countries steal our jobs anymore.

"We'll put our people back to work, we will not let other countries steal our jobs. It it is not going to happen anymore." Worcester, MA, 11/18/15 [] [Video]

According to a ThinkProgress analysis [] of Labor Department data, at least 11,934 American jobs have been lost or are in the process of leaving the United States since Inauguration Day.

In going to a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to celebrate his amazing string of accomplishments over the last 100 days, Trump avoided the White House Correspondents Association dinner where he was sure to have been the butt of about a billion squarely-on-target jokes.

Regarding the rally, the notoriously untruthful Chief Executive claimed that he had set an attendance record and that there were throngs lined up outside who were eager to get in (something that irresponsible/Reactionary/Trump-friendly media repeated without the slightest incredulity). In fact, the venue had empty seats [].

As for Trump's claim that "No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days", Politifact notes []

The 15 major bills [which Franklin Roosevelt signed in his first 100 days] included those that created the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and the Tennessee Valley Authority (both of which still exist) and the Home Owners Loan Corp. He signed the Agricultural Adjustment Act, which established farm subsidies, and the National Industrial Recovery Act, which started public-works efforts to reverse the Great Depression. He signed legislation to legalize the manufacture and sale of beer and wine, and he issued executive orders to establish the Civilian Conservation Corps and to effectively take the United States off the gold standard.

The Center for American Progress reports []

Before Donald Trump could tell [] America that he wouldn't be attending this year's White House Correspondents Dinner, [comedian and late-night TV host] Samantha Bee [...] announced her plans for an alternative event, Not The White House Correspondents Dinner, within days of Trump's election. Her assumption--and not an unreasonable one considering Trump's deep dislike of a free press--was not that her show would compete with the traditional WHCD, but that there would be no WHCD with which to compete.

[...]The real White House Correspondents' Dinner happened after all, though without Trump, without any White House staffers, without the usual swarms of celebrities, and without Samantha Bee, whose not-the-dinner was arguably a hotter ticket than the dinner she was "borrowing from".

[...]With the exception of a brief mini-roast of Trump in which Bee barely participated, the focus of the night was mostly on the press, not the president. (The event raised over $200,000 for the Committee to Protect Journalists.)

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