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Avast Blocks the Entire Internet – Again

Accepted submission by Fnord666 at 2017-05-12 15:54:12

It seems an Avast update has screwed the pooch again [], blocking HTTP equests from all applications. That's also going to make getting support to fix the issue a bit of a problem.

An Avast software update pushed out on Wednesday is preventing web access for at least some devices running the firm's freebie anti-malware software.

Users affected by the problem have started threads (here [] and here [] among others) on Avast's support forum.

El Reg learnt of the issue through reader Michael S.

"Non tech savvy users will have issues reporting or getting the problem fixed," he explained. "To regain web access you have to disable Web Shield or disable Avast or uninstall Avast. To fix the issue you have to do a clean install of the latest version of software."

It's unclear how widespread the problem is. Avast's PR reps have acknowledged our requests for comment but are yet to supply a substantive response.

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