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Massive Ransomware Attack Hits NHS and ISPs (Addendum)

Accepted submission by cafebabe at 2017-05-12 18:53:36

Further sources: BBC [] (and here []), Russia Today [], DailyFail [], Telegraph [], Guardian [].

Telefónica reportedly affected []. NHS failed to patch computers [] which affected US hospitals in 2016. 16 divisions of the UK's NHS taken offline [] with aid of NSA Fuzzbunch exploit []. The fun of a public blockchain is that ransom payments of £415,000 have been confirmed []. Cancellation of heart surgery confirmed []. Doctors unable to check allergies or prescribe medication. Patient access to emergency treatment denied [] in part due to hospital telephone exchange being offline [].

It also appears that one of the affected parties refused to answer a Freedom of Information request in Nov 2016 about cyber-security due to impact on crime detection []. Similar parties provided responses to the same request [].

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